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Wrong use of “engendering” in a PHL broadsheet article

Feedback from Gerry T. Galacio, Forum member (May 19, 2014):

From “Women’s rights lawyer to get UP alumni award,” Philippine Star, May 18, 2014:

Engendering the judiciary

In 2003, Guanzon became the co-project leader of the Gender Justice Awards, a project that aims to recognize judges who render gender-sensitive decisions on cases of violence against women.

The word “engendering” does not have anything do with being “gender-sensitive.” Merriam-Webster defines “engender” as “to cause to exist or to develop,” while Oxford defines it as “cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition).”

Merriam-Webster lists the following as synonyms for engender: “beget,” “breed,” “bring,” “bring about,” “bring on,” “catalyze,” “cause,” “create,” “do,” “draw on,” “effectuate,” “effect,” “generate,” “induce,” “invoke,” “make,” “occasion,” “produce,” “prompt,” “result (in),” “spawn,” “translate (into),” “work,” “yield.”

Oxford gives the following example of how “engender” is used in a sentence: “We will build on our strengths and continue to engender a love of learning across all subjects for all our students.”

Based on these definitions, the sub-head “Engendering the judiciary” literally says “Creating the judiciary” or “Causing the judiciary.” Perhaps the better sub-head is “Creating a gender-sensitive judiciary.”

(The Philippine Star holds a special place in my memories. In the 1980s, its publisher Max Soliven and columnist Art Borjal spoke at the Mini Press Conferences I organized for Rizal High School.

(Borjal spoke during the 1984 conference while Soliven spoke at the 1986 and 1989 conferences. Schools like Quezon City Science High School and UP Integrated School attended the conferences.

(Among the pesent-day journalists who attended the conferences are the Inquirer’s Norman Bordadora and Ronnel Domingo, and Newsbreak’s Mylah Reyes-Roque, a UNICEF awardee for her story on child prisoners.)

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