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Simply click the web links to the 14 featured English grammar refreshers and general interest stories this week along with selected postings published in the Forum in previous years:

1. Getting to Know English: “Still baffled when to use ‘can’ or ‘could’ and ‘will’ or ‘would’?”

2. Essay by Jose Carillo Retrospective: “‘My salad days,’ ‘the whole nine yards,’ and other idioms”: (Originally: “Great titles in the making”)


3. Student' Sounding Board: “‘All’ can actually mean ‘totality,’ ‘everything’ or even ‘nothing but’”

4. My Media English Watch Retrospective: “Did that newspaper columnist commit an egregious grammar error?” (2017)

5. You Asked Me This Question: “Setting the matter straight on the ‘not me’ vs. ‘not I’ usage”

6. Going Deeper Into Language Retrospective: “The need for logical thinking in our everyday life” (2017)


7. Essay by Jose Carillo: "Caution in times of reasonable doubt" (2009)   

8. Time Out From English Grammar: “Pebble in my shoe, stone in my heart” by Antonio Calipjo Go (2019)

9. Language Humor at its Finest: “25 lighthearted denunciations of the English language” (2013)

10. The Forum Lounge: “Watch Japan's all-female Band-Maid perform as one of the world's best rock bands”

11. You Asked Me This Question: “A fascinating question on the modals of conjecture”

12. A Forum Lounge Retrospective: “Things my Mother taught me” (2010)

13. You Asked Me This Question: “Absolute phrases don’t function in the same way as appositives"

14. The Forum Lounge: “Stunning and magically beautiful sights from all over the world"    

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