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Band-Maid is an all-female Japanese band that’s considered as one of the best rock bands in the world today. The band combines genres such as rock (hard, progressive, punk), metal, pop, blues, and jazz. Formed in 2013, the band is composed of Miku (founder, rhythm guitarist, lyricist, vocalist), Saiki (vocalist), Kanami (songwriter, lead guitarist), Misa (bassist), and Akane (drummer). For more information about this band, please surf to my blog post at

For starters, you can listen to:

"Thrill" (the band's first MV; 2015) at

"Freedom" (the band's anthem with a great drum solo) at (this upbeat song will perk up your energy for days)

"Daydreaming" (midtempo power ballad; watch out for the guitar solo) at

"Secret Maiko Lips," "Gion-cho" by Band-Maiko, alter ego of Band-Maid; combines electronic instruments with traditional instruments, with the girls in kimonos

"Manners" (a blend of rock, jazz, and blues with a great bassline)

"Dice +Hate?" (bass versus lead guitar) in Lollapalooza 2023

"Wonderland" (blend of rock, pop, jazz, and blues)

"Domination" (another anthem; watch how fast the bassist switches from using a pick to slapping)

"Blooming" (featured in Netflix movie "Kate")


"Onset" (instrumental)

"From Now On" (instrumental)

"Endless Story" (the song that Band-Maid usually closes their concerts with)

"About Us" (slow tempo song; tribute to fans during pandemic)

"Catharsis" (acoustic version)

Band-Maid GIF:

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