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Jose Carillo’s English Forum aims to promote good English usage in everyday life—whether at home, at school, in the workplace, in public platforms, in the mass media, in books, and anywhere else where the printed or spoken word is used. It seeks, first, to provide users and learners of the English language a lively and illuminating venue on the web for discussing English grammar and usage; and second, to serve as a constructive and supportive grammar police against blatant or grievous public misuses of English.

This forum offers a continuing interactive page for discussing problems in English grammar and usage, a section for posting English misuse in public media designed to alert those responsible for the misuse and encourage them to rectify it, and various other features designed to help readers improve their English proficiency and enhance their appreciation of the English language.

Apart from the ongoing interactive pages, new material is added every week to various sections of Jose Carillo’s English Forum. Articles of lasting interest are archived for continuing access to readers.

Jose Carillo’s English Forum is associated with The Manila Times, a national daily newspaper in the Philippines, and the Manila Times Publishing Corp., publisher of Jose Carillo’s English-usage book trilogy: Give Your English the Winning Edge (2009), The 10 Most Annoying English Grammar Errors (2008), and English Plain and Simple (2004). Jose Carillo writes a weekly English-usage column, “English Plain and Simple,” Saturdays in both the print and online editions of The Manila Times, where the column has been running for over nine years since mid-2002.  

Target Markets

The primary target markets of Jose Carillo’s English Forum are professionals and entry-level employees in the Philippines and other countries, university and college students, school teachers in all levels, and as well as Filipino overseas foreign workers and expatriates. The forum seeks to fill their need for continuing informal instruction to improve their English proficiency.    

Advertising on Jose Carillo’s English Forum

Jose Carillo’s English Forum had its soft launching in early May in 2009. By December 14, 2011, the number of its registered members had grown to over 15,529, and its recorded page uploads as of that date totaled over 118,527. The Forum website welcomes offers from prospective long-term exclusive advertising partners for ad placements at rates to be determined by the progressive growth of its viewership traffic. We are particularly interested in advertising partners engaged in education in general and in English instruction in particular, book publishing, magazines and other periodicals, office and school supplies, and related industries. We will commit to lock out the direct competitors of our exclusive advertising partners.

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