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Team up with me in My Media English Watch!

I am inviting Forum members to team up with me in doing My Media English Watch. This way, we can further widen this Forum’s dragnet for bad or questionable English usage in both the print media and broadcast media, thus giving more teeth to our campaign to encourage them to continuously improve their English. All you need to do is pinpoint every serious English misuse you encounter while reading your favorite newspaper or viewing your favorite network or cable TV programs. Just tell me about the English misuse and I will do a grammar critique of it.

Read the guidelines and house rules for joining My Media English Watch!

English Plain and Simple and Give Your English the Winning Edge

I was surfing the web a few days ago when to my pleasant surprise, I stumbled on one recent review each of my books English Plain and Simple: No-Nonsense Ways to Learn Today’s Global Language (Manila Times Publishing, 2004) and Give Your English the Winning Edge (Manila Times Publishing, 2009). The first that I came across, “Romancing the King’s Language” by English faculty member Ma. Victoria Cardenas-Faicol of San Beda College-Alabang’s Grade School Department, was published in the May 12, 2013 issue of the Philippine Star. The second, “The Competitive Edge: Jose Carillo’s Book Reviewed” by blogger JustStrikeBack, was posted on the web on April 1, 2013.

For the appreciation of Forum members and guests, I am providing the links to the two book reviews in this week’s edition of the Forum.

Romancing King's English

Excerpt from “Romancing the King’s Language” by Ma. Victoria Cardenas-Faicol

“I gingerly leafed through the pages, nodding my head in agreement and marveling at how much easier the rules are understood when stated in a simple and straightforward manner. What a fun way to revisit and walk through the basic rudiments of using English!

“Presented in an engaging, no-frills and refreshingly witty manner, it is definitely a far cry from the stiff and highly technical grammar and composition books we have encountered from our basic education levels and up until our professional years.”

Read the full book review in the Philippine Star now!

GYEWE Review

Excerpt from “The Competitive Edge: Jose Carillo’s Book Reviewed” by JustStrikeBack

“As I read through the book right from the moment when I grabbed hold of my copy, my enthusiasm is unexplainable since I know where the author is coming from. I have prior experience in writing for the school paper and I must say that I have become the writer that I am today because of the exposure.

“Nothing beats first-hand experience. Knowing that you have an audience who will constantly evaluate you and the quality of your writing gives you a different electrifying experience that adds excitement to the honing and molding experience… That’s why I revere Carillo’s book and the bits and pieces of information that he attempts to pass on. It takes a lot of courage to write for a large audience. But it takes greatness to teach other writers the proper way of using the language.”

Read the full book review at now!

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