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Simply click the web links to the 15 featured English grammar refreshers and general interest stories this week along with selected postings published in the Forum in previous years:

1. Essays by Joe Carillo: “Preventing the word ‘only‘ from going haywire”

2. You Asked Me This Question: “What's the correct tense for reporting verbs in reported speech?”

3. Use and Misuse: “A wide-raging potpourri of bad English aired in the Forum 14 years ago”

4. Getting to Know English: “The great importance of parallelism in good writing”

5. Badly Written, Badly Spoken: “Thrown off by the highly officious and bureaucratic ‘regards’ idioms”

6. Essays by Jose Carillo Retrospective: “Dealing with questionable or downright wrong legalese,” Parts 1-3

7. My Media English Watch Retrospective: “Usage of the phrase ‘on the ground’ in official circles getting out of hand”

8. Advice and Dissent: “Did the historians who wrote books about the First Holy Mass celebrated in the Phillippines over 500 years ago ever consult one another precisely where in the archipelago it was celebrated?” - Parts 1-3

9. Language Humor at Its Finest: “Piecès de résistance in Hollywood moviemaking”

10. Notable Works By Our Very Own: “When books and life intersect” by Howie Severino, GMA-7

11. Your Thoughts Exactly: "A Prayer to St. Jude" by Angel Casillan, Forum Contributor

12. Readings in Language: “The triumph of English over Babel to become the language of science“

13. Time Out From English Grammar: “Sandro Botticelli's intricate paintings of woman's hair“

14. Essay by Jose Carillo Retrospective: “The grammar of manners”

15. The Forum Lounge Retrospective: “Oodles of reasons to love (or hate) the Philippines!“

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