Author Topic: We’ll be glad to help clarify matters about English usage for you  (Read 8497 times)

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This Students’ Sounding Board is a new section created especially for college and high school students. On request, it will provide informal advice and entertain discussions on specific questions, concerns, doubts, and problems about English grammar and usage as taught or taken up in class. If a particular rule or aspect of English confuses you or remains fuzzy to you, the Students’ Sounding Board could help clarify it. Please keep in mind, though, that this section isn’t meant to be an editing facility, a primary research resource, or clearing house for student essays, class reports, term papers, or dissertations. What it can do is simply help you deal better with the vocabulary, grammar, syntax, structure, or style of specific sentences or paragraph constructions that might be baffling you. Submissions shouldn’t be longer than 100-150 words. The Students’ Sounding Board absolutely won’t accept or entertain requests for formal review, editing, or rewriting of entire expositions or extended passages from school essays or literary works you have written or from published works of other authors.

To post a question in the Students’ Sounding Board, the student must be a registered member of Jose Carillo’s English Forum. To register, simply click this link to the Forum’s registration page; [INDICATE LINK] membership is absolutely free. All you need to provide is your user name and a password; you can choose to remain incognito and your e-mail address won’t be indicated in your postings.
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