Author Topic: Do we have a topic for VERB TENSE alone?  (Read 7727 times)


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Do we have a topic for VERB TENSE alone?
« on: May 11, 2010, 04:50:17 PM »
Can somebody post its usage and example  every tense of the verb from simple to perfect tense? This is one of my weakness.  ::) Sorry for my english, i'm trying to improve.
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Joe Carillo

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Re: Do we have a topic for VERB TENSE alone?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2010, 07:23:31 PM »
The verb tenses in English are actually the most often and most extensively discussed topic in the Forum, but I’m afraid that there isn’t a single posting here that discusses all of the tenses thoroughly and comprehensibly. You will therefore need to go through the English grammar textbooks for an intensive review. Alternatively, though, you can read the following chapters in two of my English-usage books for a quick, comprehensive review of the tenses:

English Plain and Simple: No-Nonsense Ways to Learn Today’s Global Language:

Section 3 – Rediscovering the Verbs
Chapter 4 – Coming to Terms with Verbs
Chapter 5 – Transitives Overt and Covert
Chapter 6 – When a Verb Acts All By Itself
Chapter 7 – Verbs to Tie Up Loose Ends
Chapter 8 – The Hierarchy of Verbs
Chapter 9 – When Verbs Stray Too Far Off
Chapter 10 – When Verbs Take Different Guises

Section 10 – The Perfect Tenses
Chapter 41 – Dealing with the Perfect Tenses
Chapter 42 – Timeline for the Present Perfect
Chapter 43 – Timeline for the Past Perfect
Chapter 44 – Timeline for the Future Perfect
Chapter 45 – The Perfect Progressive Takes Its Time

Give Your English the Winning Edge:

Section 7 – Mastering the English Tenses
Chapter 45 – Clarifying Tense with the Adverbs of Time
Chapter 46 – Tense in Cases of Clause Dependency
Chapter 47 – The Arranged Futures
Chapter 48 – The Predicted Futures and Timetable Futures
Chapter 49 – The Described Futures
Chapter 50 – The Uncertain Futures
Chapter 51 – The Historical, Literary, and Eternal Present
Chapter 52 – How Verbs Behave in Exceptional Sequence
Chapter 53 – Dealing Better with the Past Imperfect

In the Philippines, both books are available in major outlets of National Book Store and Powerbooks. If you are based abroad, simply click this link to the Forum’s Bookshop section for the ordering details.

Let me know what you think when you’re done with your review, and afterwards, don’t hesitate to post in the Forum any questions you still might have about the tenses. I'll be glad to answer them.
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