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You’ll need more than just good English for that job interview

This March, with the graduation season now upon us in the Philippines, it’s job-hunting time again for the newly minted college graduates—and for the undergraduates as well who need to work part-time for next school year’s tuition money. No doubt that many of the entry-level job hunters are now busy perfecting their résumés and honing their English for the inevitable job interviews, during which they must demonstrate that they are better than the other applicants.

But even if a job hunter already has the confidence to slug it out in the job market, he or she must keep in mind that landing that first job is not simply a matter of having the most impressive résumé or speaking with the best English diction. There are a hundred and one other nonverbal and body-language aspects of job interviews—any one of which could, if mishandled, suddenly dash to pieces one’s bright prospects of landing the job.

Take it from Karen Burns, author of the recently released, illustrated career advice book The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use. She says: “You may have heard the horror stories—job hunters who take phone calls or text during an interview, or bring out a sandwich and start chomping, or brush their hair, or worse. You wouldn’t do any of those things, would you? Of course not. But there are tons of other job interview no-no’s you may not have thought of. Or that you’ve forgotten. The job hunting trail is long and arduous, and a little refresher course can’t hurt.”

So, in an article written for the US News and World Report, Karen lists 50 of the worst and most common job interview mistakes job hunters need to avoid to increase their chances of getting that first or umpteenth job. Read them and don’t leave home for that crucial job interview without taking them to heart.

Read Karen Burns’ “50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes” in the US News and World Report now!

Working Girl

Read excerpts from Karen Burns’ The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl now!

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