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Theater of Life
By melvinhate

God loves diversity, doesn’t He? How about the crown of His masterpiece—us, the human race? Do we share the same happiness when we realize that every living soul in this majestic and incomparable world is indeed different? Every breath, aspiration, thought, dream, fear and even the most trivial emotion is shared universally. Then, why is it that it is easier to shut our doors of understanding and leave someone out there waiting for our acceptance? Is it because that we too are waiting for that valuable gift?

Brilliant and astounding theories, laws and philosophies about the complexities of being a human may help enlighten and widen our knowledge, but without sincere acceptance of “others” we are still enjoying the darkness of death. Breakthroughs and incomparable inventions would not fill the emptiness within us if we continue to perpetuate the malady of rejection! Dark Ages will never hesitate to smile at us if we desert the golden offerings of The Renaissance!

Our history teaches us that uniqueness isn’t always tolerable and acceptable. Bedouins, nomads or wanderers are adjudged using the standards of modern civilizations. The question is: does the principle apply to who they really are? They can’t be with us and neither can we. There are colonizers not because others want to be colonized; there are slaves not because there are domineering masters; there are predators not because their preys are weaklings; there are terrorists not simply because there are proud citizens. The dilemma between the antagonists and protagonists, the prince and the pauper, the have and the have-not will be endless if there are bunch of individuals who do not share the sense of belongingness. And even our modern world, however, isn’t immune from these pandemic illnesses of life.

It is suffocating to be with some stupid people but has anyone shown them that abusing such privilege isn’t healthy? Intellectually inferior is such a good euphemism for those who can’t understand the obscure language, the enigmatic explanation and the puzzling formulas, yet the same point is conveyed—they are inferior! Nevertheless, those who claim to have achieved the highest plateau of learning are left wondering why the former are happier and contented.
There are those who wear their best masks to hide themselves and yet the way they camouflage themselves is still obvious. Maybe some of us ignore and neglect them. Maybe because we fail to guide them and maybe because we fail to show them that it pays to be good. It is great to lead a righteous life but if we can’t even assure others that they are cordially invited to join the feast of life, we are still neglecting our noble duty—to be a friend especially to those who have none. Some of our fellows try their best effort to destroy the sacredness of life….would it be because they have not experienced how to live their lives accordingly? Could it be simply their way of hiding that they too need people who would simply embrace their weaknesses? They feel abandoned, they are grasping for breath, their souls are empty and yet nobody seems to bother. Should we retaliate to defend whatever is dear to us or must we reveal to them the beauty there is in the context of life? How about the unbelievers? Would you believe when the atheists claim that they, too, are in eternal quest of someone and not of something? Are we brave enough to differentiate the great difference between these words to them? Are we going to indoctrinate, moralize and inject into them the most profound explanations and knowledge available?   

There are those who speak yet are out of words. They can explain every line; unveil every thing that is enigmatic; enlighten even the imbecile and ignite even the most boring souls, and yet their gift of speech ends when the curtain of loneliness opens especially if they are alone. Is this a grand opportunity for us to breathe life into their waning and fragile spirits? Should we bestow hope to awaken their confused minds? This unselfish act may assure them that their role is highly appreciated in spite of their weak points. Other people can religiously and share convincingly the gospel of life yet they remain groping for answers. Their questions about the so many how’s, what’s and why’s about themselves are simply paralyzing their system, leaving them puzzled. There are also those who share the limelight of the few and the chosen. People label them as incomparables, superstars, the crème of the crop, and yet they pity themselves. Are we supposed to be stunned or do we just need to accept their limitation though we can’t understand? Let us add into the lists those who accumulate knowledge yet are ignorant; who inspire others yet are empty; who guide the lost yet are homeless; who teach yet are clueless. Are we supposed to give them up when their true shells are discovered? Should we still believe their inspiring words of wisdom, unquestionable faith, and excellent deeds in spite of who they really are when no one is looking?
Every fabric of human society, when kept like a mushroom, would greatly jeopardize the whole system on the basis of gender orientation. Have we ever pondered this? There are thousands of rebellions taking place in the four directions of this sphere because most of us fail to accept that being different is not a sin--we just need to open our hearts. Thus, to condemn them is not an answer but another insult to their dignities.
No matter what happens, the truth shall remain--God has reasons for why we are fashioned in a unique way. Respect begets respect and so acceptance begets acceptance. The theater of life must go on.

Bon Voyage!

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