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486 pages: Premium Hardcover Edition, P870.00; Regular Softcover Edition, P565.00

A truly delightful way
to good English writing!

Many people discover to their dismay that their many years of formal study of English has not given them the proficiency level demanded by the job market, by the various professions, or by higher academic studies. For them, Jose Carillo’s Give Your English the Winning Edge offers a delightful solution that won’t require them to go back to the classroom.

In this exciting new volume, the National Book Award-winning author of English Plain and Simple unravels the various mechanisms and tools of English for combining words and ideas into clear, logical, and engaging writing. Carillo shows step by step how the various connectives—the conjunctions, the conjunctive adverbs, and the prepositions— establish the six basic logical relationships in language, then demonstrates how to make them work with the various other grammar elements to form more effective, convincing, and readable expositions.

‘A charmer of a book’

English Plain and Simple: No-Nonsense Ways to Learn Today’s Global Language brings together 158 of the author’s earliest English-usage columns in The Manila Times into one delightful, award-winning volume. A book that may be read simply for pleasure or as part of a rigorous self-review, English Plain and Simple seeks to help nonnative English speakers improve their written English without having to go back to the classroom. Each of its chapters is a delightful, entertaining essay built around an important lesson or insight into the language. Readers will have a truly enjoyable learning experience reading this book, for they can go straight to any chapter that strikes their fancy and need not worry about missing any prerequisite instruction.

Available in Softcover Edition, 498 pages, P490.00.

Available in Softcover Edition, 122 pages, P120.00.

If you use English in writing or speech, read this book to avoid embarrassing yourself!

As a rule, grammar and usage errors aren’t so uncommon in manuscripts intended for publication. They are grist for the mill for the editor, so to speak. But the problem is that in not a few publications, one grammar error too many gets past the editors and proofreaders unnoticed, thus ending up embarrassingly on the printed page. When this happens too often in a publication, we begin to doubt the grammar proficiency of its writers and the editing competence of its editors.

This book presents a bill of particulars for the 10 types of English grammar and usage errors that the author finds most annoying. He has put them together in this volume to help English users in general avoid these errors in both their written and spoken English. He has done so in the hope that professional writers, editors, and publishers—whether in print, in the broadcast media, or on the web—will take to heart the grammar prescriptions and caveats taken up in this book, thus ensuring error-free English in their published work or broadcast statements.

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