Author Topic: Special Feature: "I don't want to be your Artificial Intelligence King"  (Read 14366 times)

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Louise Liebeskind, assistant editor of The New, reported this in an online article of the website in Summer 2023:

When asked that summer of 2023 who should be responsible for putting guardrails on the powerful ChatGPT that his company had just unveiled, a young and deeply tired Sam Altman answered nervously:“Society should.”

“Society as a whole?” his interwiewer, Rebecca Jarvis of the ABC TV network, responded: “How are we gonna do that?”

Sam Altman, ChatGPT chief executive officer

Altman then haltingly shared a vision that he said he finds compelling: “This will be one way of many that it could go. If you had representatives from major world governments, you know, trusted international institutions, come together and write a governing document, you know, here is what the system should do, here is what the system shouldn’t do, here’s, you know, very dangerous things that the system should never touch … and then developers of language models like us use that as the governing document…”

Altman had been proposing way back in 2016 that OpenAI had been looking for “a way to allow wide swaths of the world to elect representatives to a new governance board” for AI, and he emphasized to a hearing of a U.S. Senate committee how important it was to create what he called an “alignment data set” to impose human values on AI. This data set must be created ‘by society a whole, by governments as a whole.‘”

Read in full Louise Liebeskind's article in now!

Sam Altman named Time CEO of the Year 2023
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