Author Topic: The art of elegance: 10 exquisite mixed names in the English language  (Read 8268 times)

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Expecting a new baby in the family?

In “The Art of Elegance: 10 Exquisite Mixed Names in the English Language,” the pseudonymous writer Matthew observes in an article in that there's a growing trend of parents choosing names that combine elements from different languages and cultures.

Matthew explores the origin, meaning, and linguistic appeal of what he considers the 10 most beautiful mixed names in the English language. Among them are the name “Leilani” that's derived from the Hawaiian word “lani” for heaven or sky and the English word “lei” that refers to a garland or wreath; and the name “Amara,” which means “grace” or “kindness” in the West African language of Igbo and also has roots from the Spanish verb “amar” that means “to love” or “to be loved.”

Such mixed names hold a special place in our lives by "acting as both a reflection of our identity and an inherent connection to our family, culture, and traditions,” Matthew points out.

Read Matthew's "10 Exquisite Mixed Names in the English Language" in now!
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