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Simply click the web links to the 14 featured English grammar refreshers and general interest stories this week along with selected postings published in the Forum in previous years:

1. Market Positioning: “Winning the battle for people’s minds”

2. Getting to Know English: “The little-heralded past imperfect tense in English”

3. Use and Misuse: “The problem with our English according to Jose Carillo”

4. You Asked Me This Question: “How do ‘I hope’ and ‘hopefully’ differ and is the latter acceptable usage?”

5. Essays by Jose Carillo: “My misgivings when people wish me ‘More power!’”

6. Students’ Sounding Board: “An assortment of bewildering questions about English usage”    

7. Getting To Know English: “The emphatic forms and inverted sentences”

8. Essays by Joe Carillo: “Questionable English grammar in the lyrics of a popular song”

9. Language Humor At Its Finest: “A cavalcade of palindromes”

10. Time Out From English Grammar: “Thomas Edison’s greatest idea ‘wasn’t something anybody could patent or touch’”

11. Advice and Dissent: “Minority faiths in Middle East face extinction due to religious intolerance”

12. Time Out From English Grammar: “The real wonder is that humans ever discovered science at all”


13. Education and Teaching: “The rocky road to idiomatic English”    

14. A Forum Lounge RetrospectIve: “Verbatim: What Is a photocopier?”    

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