Author Topic: The Forum awaits companion memoir to my personal essay “A World Without English"  (Read 9087 times)

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I am delighted to share with Forum members an e-mail I received yesterday, September 6, 2022, from Jo Nats, a new Facebook friend based in Bacolod City, regarding my invitation to him to write a memoir about a place that he said he was reminded of when he read a retrospective last week of my 2003 personal essay “A World Without English.”

Jo Nats wrote:
I am so honored to have been invited by you for a reply. This is fanboying, actually. But I could not stop myself from learning grammar ever since I encountered your book. It has helped me a lot in poetry and in editing works, and I have shared it with my students, too. I am still loaded with school modules, but I will force my time to write the reply-essay as it also talks about love for reading and learning. Until your next article, po. Regards.

In reply to a note Jo Nats had sent me earlier through Facebook Messenger, I assured him that I’ll be delighted to post his memoir about that place as a related companion piece to “A World Without English."

Members of the Forum and I look forward keenly to the appearance of that memoir in the Forum’s “Time Out From English Grammar” section.
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