Author Topic: South Korean YouTuber, just 6, buys $8-million property with toy review income  (Read 9795 times)

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This is one huge success story that, well, should prod inveterate Internet gaming addicts and politically or socially destructive Twitter or Facebook trolls to seriously rethink what they've been doing: A 6-year-old South Korean YouTuber recently bought a $8-million five-storey property in Seoul from the whopping income of her toy review channel that to-date has already amassed 13.6 million subscribers and a video blog account with 17.6 million subscribers.

BORAM IN ONE OF HER YOUTUBE TOY REVIEW GIGS reports that Boram, the highly popular diminutive YouTube star, has attracted over 376 million views with video like making instant noodles using a plastic toy kitchen and then enthusiastically slurping them down on camera.

Some of Boram's content has attracted controversy in South Korea, though, like her being shown stealing money from her father's wallet and appearing to drive cars on the road. This got some South Korean citizens worried that her shows could negatively impact the emotional and ethical development of young viewers.

Read "Boram, 6-year-old South Korean YouTuber, buys $8 million property" in's July 26, 2019 news posting now!

“Boram becomes a superhero and saves her friends”

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