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You can (1) search Twitter using the hashtag #familycodephilippines or (2) use the links below.

Marriage and divorce

“Divorce obtained abroad by Filipino citizen against alien spouse now recognized in the Philippines” at

“If husband and wife have not seen each other for more than seven years, does it mean that their marriage is already void?” at

“Can a husband and wife in a notarized document declare that they are free to marry other persons and they will not file charges against each other?” at

Primers on the Family Code

“Primer on marriage” at

“Primer on illegitimate children” at

“Primer on void and voidable marriage” at

“Primer on paternity, filiation, and legitimate children” at

Heirs and inheritance

“Who inherits from a man or woman who died single and with no last will?” at

“Article 176 Family Code: how to compute the inheritance of legitimate and illegitimate children” at

“How to disinherit your spouse” at

“How to disinherit your children and descendants, legitimate as well as illegitimate” at

“If your spouse dies without a last will, who will inherit?” at

“Settle the estate of your deceased spouse before marrying again” at

“Do inherited properties belong exclusively to the spouse who inherited them or to both spouses?” at

“Is property acquired before marriage the exclusive property of each spouse or does it belong to both spouses?” at

“Can nephews and nieces inherit from their grandparents, unmarried aunts or uncles?” at

“Last will must be probated; Preterition (when a compulsory heir is omitted in a last will)” at

“The right of legitimate children to inherit” at

“Who inherits from an illegitimate child?” at

“Rights of illegitimate children when their parent dies without a last will” at

“Legitimes, free portions, and intestate shares” at

Custody battles over children

“Can a mother be deprived of custody of her child?” at

“Custody battles over children: what determines fitness of a parent over another?” at

“Custody battles over children between grandparents and a mother or father” at

Special topics on illegitimate children

“What surname should illegitimate children use? Problems and issues with RA 9255 and its implementing guidelines” at

“Visitation rights of biological father over his illegitimate children” at

RA 9262

“RA 9262 Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004 overview” at

“Hope and help for the battered woman (2): Essential provisions of RA 9262 Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004” at

“Hope and help for the battered woman (3): Protection Orders under RA 9262 Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004” at

“Financial support for an abandoned woman and her family” at

Special topics for married women

“Adultery, concubinage, marital infidelity and psychological violence under RA 9262” at

“Miss, Ms, or Mrs? Philippine laws on surname for a married woman” at

“If a wife gets pregnant by a man not her husband, will the child be legitimate or illegitimate?” at

Miscellaneous topics

“Procedures in adoption (Philippines): RA 8552 domestic adoption and RA 8043 inter-country adoption” at

"]“Property rights of foreigners married to or living in with Filipino citizens; Can foreigners own land and other real properties in the Philippines?” at

“Did the Supreme Court order all credit card companies to reduce their interest rate of 3% monthly and penalty fee of 3%?” at
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