Author Topic: Poetry: "Black Hole" by Melany Amante Mabao Maguindanao  (Read 11053 times)

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Poetry: "Black Hole" by Melany Amante Mabao Maguindanao
« on: May 01, 2019, 10:49:58 AM »
Black Hole
By Melany Amante Mabao Maguindanao

Blank massive darkness hovers....
Like a blanket in an infinite universe.
Boundless horizon as far as the eyes can see,
A canopy that shields us from the truths of reality.

I looked for the holes in this vast filter to see...
What lies beyond the covering that limits me?
Heartbeat after heartbeat galloping,
Far beyond...a black hole is glowing.

At the edge of time and space,
Where we are all headed to singularity...
That supermassive black hole awaits us, at the center of the Milky Way.
Far beyond this life's short-term occupancy,
A final spectacular destination to stay.

Contemplating the story of the universe...
We shrink into trivial anonymity.
Ignoring our ephemeral corporality...
A deprivation of a rare opportunity.

Melany Amante Mabao Maguindanao, clearly a poet at heart and soul, is our latest Forum member. The Forum expects to hear more from her and of her thoughts in the days ahead.
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