Author Topic: Knowing this sprinkling of “pilot speak” might save a troubled aircraft  (Read 10812 times)

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You need not fly the plane yourself if you aren’t a pilot, but knowing the 300-word aviation language that all senior air crew must learn to speak could save you and everyone on board when the unforeseen happens to your aircraft.

In an article of The Sun reprinted in the October 17, 2017 issue of the online, Emily Payne decodes the special language that all senior air crew worldwide must speak, whatever their nationality. Called Aviation English, it consists of around 300 words that combines professional jargon and plain English—words “deadhead,” “squawk,” and “pan-pan.” These codes were created to prevent pilots and air controllers mishearing each other and avoid potentially fatal accidents taking place.

The article then takes up a sprinkling of these “pilot speak” and what they mean, which could spell the difference between safety and disaster when the situation calls for anyone on board to use them when the unfortunate need arises.

Read “The 300-word language that senior air crew must speak, whatever their nationality” in the online now!