Author Topic: From a friend,to a sibling  (Read 12238 times)

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From a friend,to a sibling
« on: July 27, 2015, 04:21:16 PM »
Who says that you cannot have a sibling when you knew that you are an only child, being an only child in a family is just as cool as having siblings that are always at your back when you need help. Advantages of being an only child is that the focus of a parent to his or her child will not be divided, you don't have to share what you have, you can eat how many you want. There are those times for this kind of kids to be sad at one point in time. Because of they are still young and loves to play, they will feel something is missing, their playmate. Those are one of the few problems this kind of kids are having in a vey young age. If they stumble and fall to the ground no one will help them get up but themselves. They also feel jealous of those kids they see every once in a while who they see playing with their siblings, every time they fall down their is always someone that will help them. They have the first person to tell secrets to about their little ticks. I believe that those who are the only child in a family are very special. They are given the chance to live by their own plans and rules in life, compared to those who have siblings they will always will rely for help and comes a time that they will live their own lives, which they are not comfortable with. They will have a hard time living by themselves. Compared to those only children they will have an easy life, they are ready what ever challenges life gave them. When time comes they will meet new people and they can finally have a friend. These friend can make you company, he/she will make you happy when you are with them, you can tell them secrets that you never trusted anyone with it before. Now you can call them your own siblings even though they are not exactly in your family or bloodline but a friend can surely be a sibling. Now, you may be wondering how did I know a lot of things how a "unico hijo" feels from a very young age? Because I too is an only child.

My past isn't that colorful at first, I didn't have any playmates during my childhood days only my cousins I suppose but still it feels different. In our extended family there is only two of us including my cousin and I are the only  child in our family. They say this kind of people will have a hard time living their lives because of their feeling of loneliness in their hearts. At first I felt like that, I was always bullied in our school, Even though they hurt me at times I never took revenge for I know someday that I will avenge myself from these thoughts that sometimes haunts me because of my past. My parents also taught me not to fight back from those little things because that is wrong unless there is no other way. Because of that I don't to leave my mother's side from that day on, n school. If the class starts I will forcefully drag her into our room just to be with her, that made her sad. This kinds of things from my past is the reason I was laugh about wit my other classmates, even though it was not funny for others they are forced too by the others. These are the obly few memories that still keeps on haunting me from time to time. One point in time I wanted to stop from attending class. I also have a vision problems that leads me on my first major surgery. Because of these vision problems they laugh about it.

Those persons who kept on laughing at me back then, now I call them my doubters or haters, they are the ones who chose to go to the path that will make my path for the future worst as possible, they will keep on making my life a living hell. There are also those who went to opposite direction, they are the one that will give me light to the pat I will take for my future. They will be my undying source of light in my life.

Paul and Oliver where those people who went to the opposite direction. It was just a normal day at school can't remember what day is that day exactly because it was like 10 years ago. They came up to me at my seat, I thought that they will beat me up or what but they happily introduced themselves and lend me to join them for the whole day. For the first time in my life somebody that I knew from a very short period of time made me smile. Usually the only person that can only make me smile was my mom. They kind a dragged me from the shadows of loneliness and other negative stuff that one person can feel in this world. Finally I can tell myself that from that day on forward to these day and the days to come that I finally had a friend that I am proud to introduce to the world. We were friends from kindergarten, middle school, high school and now college. By the time passes I remember the times that I was too sad for being always alone with myself. I felt something I never felt before with those two, I felt that I have a brother that was always there. They also attended all my birthday celebration every year since the day we met, no matter what time, what's the weather that day. Because of my mom knew my life specially that she is my mom he treated my dear friends as her children and that makes me their brother. They also treat me as their brother sometimes even in front of their own siblings.

Sometimes when I feel down I always remember the fun memories that we have so that makes me smile for a change, no matter how bad my day was remembering fun memories that keeps me going. I also met a few only child and heard their sorrow and pain for not having a sibling which was closely similar of what I have felt before so that I easily became friends and just like what I did they also treat there dearest friend a sibling. A friend of mine told me that we have this some sort of a connection he called it OCC. I asked him what's the meaning of those letters, I thought that somehow he misspelled it but no. He actually has his own meaning and answered laughing telling me that OCC means " Only-Child Connection" that also made me laugh a lot. I never knew a friend of mine who has a similar life of mine who was in the shadows before will be my friend. Creating a bond with a person that eventually make it as your friend, who makes you smile every single day that are real friends that will never leave you in the air, who will stab you at the back in the time you are desperately seeking their help. These kind of people that we meet in this world and let them enter our lives are worth remembering for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we get into a fight with this people they are the strongest opponent you have in your life beside yourself. Because they know you as much as you know yourself. Your secrets that you trusted them with can be used against you, but, because of this bonds between you it will never break and will lead you to forgive each other. That is what makes you friends and your life awesome.

Some other awesome stuffs about my friends are they don't usually knock on the door before going in your house, they simple open the door and walk just right in. When they feel just right at home you will see them lying on the carpet, have controls over the fan and the remote control, so you have a tendency to watch the shows or movies they want to watch, they will eat whatever they want to eat that is available at the fridge. Gather all the pillows and just lay down and relax until you realize they made you their maid. They also use your deepest darkest secret against you when you don't follow by their rules inside your house specially in the presence of your parents. You don't have an option but to follow what they want you to do. Even if they commanded you to just go out wearing nothing but your underwear, you don't have an option but to do it or else your secrets will be spilled. Sometimes we have an experience of having a fight with one another but in the end after all those forgiveness will lead you back to your friendship like your bonds with each other are being tested by someone or something and it is up to both of you to show them or it how strong is your bond. They only do it because they want you to be successful in life to have courage against any challenges. You will know that you really know them not by simply being with them every single day but knowing their true color. I mean not the bad part but their personality that even their parents don't know about them. Like if your friend is seen by others as a very shy and quiet person but alone with you, he or she gets psychotic. They will borrow from you until they forget it that it's your belonging, owes you money until they forget that they owe you anything, because your their friend you easily forget about it and keep them on lending money until you realize that you ran out of money. They will never stop giving you motivation for everyday by giving you the best memories from the past, saying, if you don't do that, this and those you will never come close to your dream. That is the time that your secrets are turned against you, for your own good. This is what I have experienced with my friends and these is all I know about friendship