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Dear Sir Joe,

Finally, I have recovered my account here! I'm Kat Manapat, the forum member who used to message you in Facebook.

I would like to follow up my question about the alternatives for your books.  I searched several bookstores in the Metro for my lockdown read, but none had it.

Also—I don't know if this is the appropriate forum topic for this—but I would also like to reiterate my previous query on how you achieved the status that you have now as a writer and editor. Colloquially, in Tagalog, "How to be you po?"

In all honesty, I think one of my life goals is to achieve the superior quality of writing, editing, analyzing, and explaining skills you have now. Does it take so many years to achieve it? What are your tips to consistently develop this set of skills or expedite it in several ways possible? 

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