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hi, Jose,

Recently, I read some passages in which there are some straight sentences as below:

1) Some make much of what matters little and little of much, always weighting on the wrong scale.

My comment:
a. in the second half sentence, it use "weighting", instead of "weight". If so, there is no any verb.
Then this second is incorrect in gramma, right ?
b. in the first half sentence, this is the first time for me to see this "little and little of much".
Could you tell me how to use it ?
c. is it necessary to use "semi-colon", instead of "," ?

2) I prefer to going to lunch at 12:00p.m. than at 1:00 p.m.

My comment:
a. according to what i know about the usage of "prefer", =>
But the above sentence does not satisfy "prefer sth to sth."

3) Time enlightens us too late of what was first only a flattering of the passions.

My comment:
a. this sentence is too complicated to my existing level of english
Firstly, i just understand the basic sentence "Time englightens us to late".
I really feel headache in other part following this basic sentence.

4) In some people judgement excels, in others valor.

My comment:
a. is it necessary to use "semi-colon", instead of "," ?
b. according to my understanding, "excels" is verb in the first half sentence,
 then the other half should use verb. But, why does it use noun "valor" ?
Please explain why the noun "valor" is used after the noun "others".

thanks for your help again

You Asked Me This Question / Strange Sentence pattern
« on: July 27, 2011, 12:20:01 AM »
Hi, Jose,

It is long time not in here. Learning language is really a distance progress.

Recently, I read a passage showing the following sentence:

"It is easy to kill a bird on the wing that flies straight, not so one that twists and turns."

"The gamester never plays the card the opponent expects, still less the one he wants.'

I don't understand the meaning and usage of the underlined part in the above sentence.

Could pls you help me ?


You Asked Me This Question / Sentence structure
« on: November 02, 2010, 02:48:43 PM »
Hi, Jose,

Glad to has this platform to learn English !

I can understand the meaning of the following sentence; however i can not write the sentence like this. The most important is that I don't understand the sentence structure. I just know there is a main clause in the following sentence. What is the sentence structure of the other separated by comma?

The percentage of people from couple-with-children family in poverty is 12%, slightly higher than the average, more 5 % than that of couple-without-children family, lower than the average.

thanks ;)

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