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You Asked Me This Question / Better sentence
« on: February 04, 2023, 09:05:40 PM »
Which one is better:

1. Please NEVER plagiarize nor generate your essay using AI.


2. Please never engage in plagiarism or use artificial intelligence to generate your essays.

Your Thoughts Exactly / Rhythm
« on: November 03, 2021, 11:26:07 AM »
If your heart can talk, what will it say?

Will it sound like the melodious drops of soothing rain?

Will it echo the voices of the heavenly choir?

Will it gush like the cascading waterfalls?

Will it rebound the sound of tranquility like a  sleeping baby?

Or will it trumpet like the deafening sounds of hatred, envy, vanity, lust, gluttony, pride, and every cataclysmic rhythm that we often see and  hear 24/7?

May your heart beat wonderfully and peacefully.

You Asked Me This Question / punctuations
« on: September 15, 2020, 12:51:47 PM »
I saw this post on PRC Fb page posted on September 15, 2020. (see attachment). I did not inlcude the entire post.
Is my correction correct:

The two-fold objective of the system gives CPD providers and professionals  equal opportunity to process......which includes application as CPD provoder, uploading....

or The two-fold objective of the system give both parties--CPD providers and professionals-- equal opportunity to....which includes: (1) application as CPD provider; (2)......

If my corrections are not linguistically correct, please give yours.


Your Thoughts Exactly / How Light Dawns On Us
« on: July 20, 2020, 10:44:45 AM »
It's not the darkness that we are afraid of; it's the feeling we associate with it. But we can totally appreciate the grandeur of light only after we have let the darkness envelop our soul.”

When we are devoid of light, when our spirits felt like they have been kissed by Dementors, when our souls have started crushing down, that's the time we feel every melody of silence. It is when those moments that we can listen attentively to every tune, every beat, every harmony there is in our surrounding.


If life's bitterness keeps on running in every DNA of our blood, that's the time we can measure the strength of our will. Silence is no longer deafening; it's becomes the oasis of our strength.

Sometimes no matter how melodious the music is, if the burden of reality is just so excruciating to bear, no tune is enough to move our soul to take another step. However, it's in the depth of despair and core of paralysis that we discover that radiating light from within; silence becomes the path, the journey that fuels us to try once again and rediscover what kind of life is ahead of us.

Once we appreciate silence, we can no longer underestimate its power; darkness, then, becomes just a part of the entire puzzle. Let us commune with silence, and together we can appreciate our individual spark.

When darkness starts whispering, summon every courage left in you to go through with it. Be still. With dignity and resiliency, take every phase of it. Listen to every beating of your heart how to accept every piece of it, every broken part of it, every shattered part of it. Nothing should be left. Nothing should be covered. Nothing should be buried. Not a single part of this darkness should be forgotten.

Because it is when you see through every spectacle of nothingness that you appreciate the full spectrum of why you were created. Because it is when every fabric of your being is shredded, torn into pieces, and broken up to its last piece, that you can finally say: "What a life!"

Redefining darkness does not come without ripping of our souls. We have to go through not just the paralyzing pains of the game of life, but we must also navigate the intricacies of it. We can only understand how incredible it is to be triumphant in the face of defeat. We may shed tears seeing how numbing, how worrying, and how disheartening it must be seeing someone’s loved depart from this world, but seeing it ourselves how tricky the smile of death gives its gift to our own, makes the pain indescribable.

Like when my father died in front of me, it took me several years before I accepted his death. I read this quote: "...there are people whom we can't live without, but we have to let go." Somehow, losing him became bearable. I thought I was over with his death, but there are times, I really do miss my dad. Then, after so much prayer and introspection, I had to forgive my dad for dying in front of me. Perhaps you won't understand anyway.  I can't say that losing him bring me no more agony, but because I love him with all my heart, I had to let him go. If someone among you has ever experienced what I have experienced, I hope you will gradually be healed, too.

Is there any redemption in suffering? Is it worth embracing every ache? Why do we even have to be smashed?

Perhaps this voice has not enough wisdom to share. Maybe because you, readers, have your own way of answering this: How did you surpass every agony you have experienced? Your response could save a hurting soul now.

Your Thoughts Exactly / That night....
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:51:41 PM »
That night when smile met with anger
its soul vanished
decided to plunge into river of forgetfulness
the twilight was not appreciated
the dusk was forgotten
even the embrace of soothing wind was not felt

Then morning came
golden rays of the sun met its soul
still its spirit was not happy
sea of calmness would like to embrace it
but it was not the one it wants
glorious day waving in front of it
but it was not the one its want to wave back
the splendor of the day keeps on tapping its shoulder
but it wasn’t the one it likes to tap

That night when smile met with anger
its soul decided to move on
then slowly it left that river of loneliness
walked into the path of reality

That night when smile was met with anger
that anger revealed itself
that anger talked
that anger opened up
that anger explained

Then heartfelt tears started flowing
then tears turned into prayer

You Asked Me This Question / With or to?
« on: May 31, 2018, 08:56:40 AM »
Hi, Sir Joe.

Should it be:

1. What's happening with you? or
2. What's happening to you?


Your Thoughts Exactly / Machiavelli's Pal
« on: December 06, 2016, 08:22:27 AM »
What is so frightening about power?

When megalomaniacs use it, it is like they are perpetually drowning themselves into the very core of hell.
No, that hell has no fire. No deafening anguish echoes. Nothing is there. Complete emptiness. It exists but does not live. That is hell.

That same power that they enjoy will infest every DNA that runs in their blood. What these greedy people get, they will repay quadruply.

That power brings ecstasy, but no fabric of their being can escape its wrath, and that worldly joy that they felt will be replaced instantaneously with indescribable torments.
That power is not a venom. Neither it is a hemlock.
It is death in itself if used avariciously.

Not even the most accurate words can even describe how horrendous every nucleus of power has if it falls into the hands of wrong people.

Power is death if the heir is a megalomaniac.

What is so gruesome about power? Everything.

 What is the correct preposition to use after deployment?
 Also, is it appropriate to say: "This agency has several deployment to Japan."?
 Deployment sounds a certain military operation is going on. I find it not appropriate to refer to OFWs bound for a   certain country. I stand corrected though.
 Thank you.

 Please help me identify the correct name of the tense used in this sentence:
 "Just think, this time next month I have been working here for ten years."
 Is it present perfect progressive or future perfect progressive?
 When are we supposed to use future perfect progressive?
 Thank you.

You Asked Me This Question / Test directions
« on: August 03, 2015, 02:20:10 PM »
 Good day. Please help. Which one should be used:
1. In every set of words, one will be mispronounced. Write the word that is mispronounced, or
2. One in four words for each item will be mispronounced. Write the word that is mispronounced.
    comfortable      sour      debut         ceremony   

 Thank you very much.

You Asked Me This Question / Internet
« on: July 06, 2015, 10:08:38 AM »
 Good day. I just noticed that Internet is capitalized regardless of its position in the sentence. Do we have to capitalize it? Thank you.

You Asked Me This Question / Intonation contours
« on: August 16, 2014, 09:33:57 PM »
 Please share us about these intonation contours or patterns. I have been looking for some references already, and yet I found them sometimes confusing. Thank you.

You Asked Me This Question / Writing a resume or curriculum vitae
« on: July 10, 2014, 06:44:16 PM »
 What do we have to consider in writing a resume? Is it different from curriculum vitae? Thank you.

You Asked Me This Question / Tense to use in research
« on: July 06, 2014, 04:51:58 PM »
 What tense must be used in describing the result of your research? How about those researches published you want to include in your research discussion? Is consistency of tense still to be observed? Thank you. 

Your Thoughts Exactly / Mind Matters!
« on: May 10, 2014, 11:02:07 PM »
Mind Matters!

Deep within the inner recesses of our minds buries the greatest power either waiting to crush us down or to fuel us up to our greatest achievement yet: to be the persons we always dream of! However, every golden gift yet to be discovered does not come so painlessly. We have to experience evolution in thoughts and must undergo complete cognitive reframing if we want to gain a paradigm shift--from being egocentrically blocked persons to renewed, 21st-century thinkers.
Our minds can do incredible things. It can choose which thought to entertain, and which one it needs to focus on. It has billions of neurons that can do unimaginable things. It can choose to be stagnant or free-flowing.  It has a tremendous potential to learn and be educated from the University of Life. It can be sharpened, be molded, and be cultivated so it can pay respect to those who love to internalize every situation, and will not just blindly follow those who are consumer and lover of the-hubris-of-the-defeated attitude. Our mind is so vast that even the combined galaxies and universes there are outside our Milky Way can be put together inside it, and yet it has still enough room to gain intuitive wisdom to be worthy of this life; nonetheless, it can also be too narrow that it has a great tendency to dupe itself and be guilty of exclusivist understanding about the divine power. Our mind, especially when things around us seem counter-intuitive, can experience placebo effect. Aren’t we all guilty of it?
It can accept orthodox truths. It has an animalistic tendency and lust to initiate and trigger conspiracy. Its ability to think deeply is so perplexing and mysterious than what lies below the Marianas Trench. If it harnessed into another level of deep concentration, our minds can be used to mystify people and lead them into the vortex of pessimism. Fortunately, according to Pope Francis I, even a whirlpool of cynicism can be overcome with faith. It can measure human agony, but it can be used to seal a wounded soul with a flaming love, too. It can choose to call something stupid although others call it innovation. The point here is our mind can choose how it sees through things. Our minds can either refute seemingly truthful facts or embrace it thoughtlessly.
When we begin to analyze and evaluate our thoughts, we can start to experience a once-in-a-lifetime chance: blossoming independence and no more enslaving emotion! Consequently, even seemingly insurmountable tasks can be viewed as golden opportunities for personal growth and development. The truth is, every step along the way to wholeness, we may still be tempted to consider experiences as either forms of rewards or punishments; struggles could be contemplated as an exciting chronicles or depressing journeys; life’s tests could be regarded as a commencement for a higher purpose or an end in itself; demoralizing and dehumanizing moments could be associated as a Death March or as a time of renewal. How you embrace each of these events that come depends on how you may want to use your most powerful yet hidden and least appreciated asset: your mind.

We need stouthearted individuals who are firm in their beliefs that we have to continuously educate our minds. We have to multiply those people with multi-cultural minds; those who believe in the sanctity behind the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, canonization processes, and other noble initiatives to elevate those who have “beautiful minds” and sanctified souls. It is essential that we must inspire those minds who safeguard our surrounding from the overwhelming effects of bad images; after all we don’t want our young minds to experience that Lucifer Effect. We don’t want to have generations of “nature-deficit disorder” minds either; hence, I firmly believe that all, most especially the parents, should heed Richard Louv’s advice.

The truth is there are few highly-spirit individuals who conquer their fear and are willing to think outside their boxes. They wholeheartedly believe that everyone has a choice; that life is not just like the mythical golden apple where only the fairest of them all have the right to choose.  They firmly believe that inner contentment is really achievable. Regardless of the bitterness they have tasted in this life, they cannot simply allow darkness to overshadow their hope that spectrum of happiness is still beaming.  They are aware, however, that fear is like venom that may attack a vulnerable spirit.  They know that fear, if not properly handled, is like a toxic waste; it is too poisonous for the body yet it could be addictive because it brings euphoric effects that drags them to their eternal death. Can you imagine yourself like a living dead?  Yet our minds have its power to let go of this “pollutant” especially if it too heavy to be part of our system. The only question is: are you willing to let it go? Genuine happiness is really something easy if we know how to let our minds let go of those things which are not really necessary. If we envelope the center of our thoughts that true bliss is just like breathing, then definitely we can have it. You will be surprised because eventually it becomes a part of your system. Others may call it the law of attraction; I call it as a heavenly blessing.

Another bite of reality is some individuals, unfortunately, love to exercise every fiber of their minds to cultivate hatred of reason, who are addicted to grave doubts, and would rather be overwhelmed by the eerie culture of silence. Others find war like a glorious chaos, they are, however, completely conscious that the consequences of such behavior is a total poisoning of their soul, that they are experiencing sagging spirits, and they feel like living in a psycho-spiritual dungeon. Yet deep within them, whether they accept it or not, mind has its own power to protect itself; it will always find a way to get a glimpse of life and find consolation where the channel of eternal life awaits.
What about those who can control their minds over matter? I don’t know if David Blaine or Harry Huodini can be called as "the Stradivarii" of the magic world, what I am certain about is I am flabbergasted by their excellence. Is it mind over matter? I am clueless. If some mind can do some incredible things, other mind may seem admirable but actually unhealthy for personal development to really achieve self-actualization; they are those who always believe they need to save others. This superman complex may be good in cinema, but not really in real life situations.
On the other hand, there are those who are visually-challenged individuals, like the great Homer and Helen Keller, yet they believe that they are luckier because they accept that their lives are blessed with the extraordinary gift of inner vision. Those who accused Homer of corrupting the youths could not understand that his mere presence was seminal that even the walk of fame of Hollywood would not suffice to immortalize his name.

Sometimes, I find it awesome that ordinary minds understand what the intellectual paragons cannot fathom. Though they don’t possess that cosmic knowledge, yet they know how important it is to search for abounding happiness and find deeper connection with the rest of the world. They don’t need to drink the elixir of life, sprinkle themselves of the water from the fountain of youth, decode the holy grail of mathematics or achieve the precipice of perfection; they are just aware that they cannot simply berate themselves mentally even if they commit errors because they believe that life is not about “ninety-nine percent perspiration, and one percent inspiration”; they think that equilibrium is a better rule of the thumb. They want to experience the imprinted beautiful legacy of The Shawshank Redemption: a choice whether to busy dying or to be busy living! An icon in my country once said: “Filipinos are worth dying for.” I am glad somebody heartily responded that our race is also worth living for! What is the difference? It is in our mind. If we broaden our horizons, certainly we can grasp the undisputable universal truth: we are all programmed not just to die but to live a worthy life. Indeed, everything depends on how we think.
Let us also honor those political, social or media savvy people that their influences could be so compelling that even breathless souls could experience a meaningful and “purpose-driven life”. Their minds serve as bridges for other minds to believe in the innate goodness of their existence. We may not have the minds like those of Albert Einstein’s and Stephen William Hawking’s, but we can still have the chance to prove that even ordinary minds can do extraordinary things. Indeed, there is a hidden “magic” in our minds that can transform us from being an ordinary folks to being connoisseurs of our chosen fields. We may not possess with spectacular vision, photographic memory, and telekinesis like the famous Professor X or with mutant powers like the rest of the X-Men, but as transformed people who never give up in training our minds until we become what we are meant to be: minds with a purpose! Our mind, like our universe, still hides thousands of mysteries waiting to be understood; this is what makes this journey exciting after all. Kim Peek, considered as a living Google, whose mind, according to the documentary I watched in YouTube “remains mystery to the medical experts”. Is it not amazing?

What is inside your mind? Indeed, mind matters.

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