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Before Winter Comes!
By Angel B. Casillan

While the cool air blankets the autumn splendor,
We gather the fruits of our past bountiful summer,
Amidst the horizon flushing the beams of the sun,
While the blowing wind flutters the leaves one by one.
These are times when trees and bushes are aglow,
With plants around us turned colors green to yellow,
We wear the crowns that gleam like shinning gold,
Which are fruits of years that made us tired and old.
The whistling wind blowing that never seem to last,
It’s changing a life into becoming memories of the past,
What we had built for our warmth and for our shelter,
We enjoy for comfort in autumn before we rest in winter.
When late autumn comes, it’s life’s way of saying goodbye,
To all of our spring’s and summer’s bright, beautiful skies,
This is the picture that will hang in our memories’ wall,
Of people like leaves losing their color before they fall.

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