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Qualities a great president must have
By Flipzi

A position of leadership like the presidency requires one to possess the qualities needed to be an effective leader.

This includes the ability to gain full control of the resources one will need to utilize to function effectively as a leader.

One will also need the support of the people or sectors that have a stake in the decision-making or that have a part in the implementation of the tasks that have been laid out. This clearly means “all the stakeholders.” It may not be possible to have them all by one’s side, but at least one should have the bigger number.

The powers stated in the second paragraph are handed down to the leader from the time he or she is sworn into office. All the powers and privileges are automatically inherited, so to speak.

The third is actually the result of what he has been and how the leader has performed as a public servant prior to assuming the presidency. 

So the biggest question lies in the QUALITIES of the person eyeing the presidency.

(1) Integrity – must not be corrupt nor ruled by greed for money and power, and must be someone who depends on God Almighty.

(2) Wisdom – broad-minded or intelligent…and smart as well. Intelligence here basically means the amount of knowledge the leader holds. Being smart, on the other hand, is the ability to perceive the relationship between different sets of information or knowledge.

(3) Determination – the courage fired up by the leader’s integrity and that is sustained by wisdom as well to keep on despite the odds and failures. One cannot be a leader simply because one knows something or that one comes from a well-known family like that of Ninoy Aquino or Ferdinand Marcos—Ferdinand Marcos for his wisdom and Ninoy Aquino for his determination and integrity.

To really measure the presidentiables, you need to look at their achievements.

Don’t get fooled by those “words of a saint” lines. It comes cheap.... but later on, it will surely get a lot from you (not do a lot for you) when you give in to their deceptive tongues and outfits.

Look at their achievements in the past years. That alone will tell you what kind of persons they really are.

Look at their capacity to create great ideas, too.

These include government projects aimed at improving the lives of the general public and supporting laws to serve as the rallying point for such endeavors.

Also laws for protecting the environment, health and education programs (free college or similar options), livelihood programs (soft financing, free technical training), and less taxes for the individual worker but at levels that won’t cripple the government’s internal revenues.

There are a lot of projects that need to be done to uplift the lives of the people.


Now, let your heart and mind guide you in your decision.

Please, think about the three qualities as much as possible when you cast your vote.

How do we know if one possesses those three qualities of Integrity, Wisdom, Determination?

One is by seeing how successful the individual has become. Especially, one who made it to the top from a nobody or with nothing in possessions but without having to resort to evil activities.

These people have two things in common—Wisdom and Determination.

God’s mercy is the “big opportunity” that they could tap into.

Again, let your heart and mind guide you in your decision and please think about the three qualities as much as possible.

Our voting power can do a lot for the next 6 or 11 years. Let’s make the best of it.

In the end, it’s your own analysis and conscience or choice that will tell you whom to cast your vote for.

In all of these, at least I have done my part by expressing what my heart wants me to say, and I will gladly accept the next President whoever he or she may be, believing that it’s God Almighty who wants him or here to be there.

And one more thing: Say NO to parliamentary government!

Our voting power is the greatest empowerment our Constitution has vested upon us!

Let’s not lose it.

It’s our only hope for changing the color of our politics.

It’s like a giant flash flood that sweeps across the land to bring forth new life and direction.

To help our people recognize that person, they must look at the capacities of that person to really deliver.

Words like “lalabanan ko ang kurapsiyon” or “lalabanan ko ang kahirapan” are cheap.

Anybody can say that. So, the solution is identify who can walk his or her talk.

One way is to look at his or her achievements. They are the measure of his or her determination and skills.

We must not keep silent on the issues. 

We need to voice out what we feel because the presidency is a matter of our lives, too.

After all the volleys of black propaganda, we now know who’s the better one.

Freedom of the press is working at its best!

Our chosen candidate may not be the cleanest and most honest, but his achievements, his capacity to lead and govern, the general public’s perception on him, the influence-peddlers around him, his own “kamag-anak” incorporated and his indebtedness to those who provided funds for his campaign—all these are the measures that we can rely on in knowing the candidate and what he or she will become after the promises and stage acts have culminated into the election result.

All in all, the safest way to elect a president is to choose one who is not beholden to anyone, who does not have a horde or influence-peddlers around him, and who does not have a clan that’s craving for power and money.

We need someone who doesn’t need to murder the powerless just to protect his wealth and greed.

God bless us all.

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