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For those who wish to do a deeper study of the English language as well as enjoy some of its classic studies and exemplary contemporary applications, Jose Carillo’s English Forum is presenting a selection of major outstanding works that are linkable on the web in their complete form, from contemporary English-language journalism to H.W. Fowler’s The King’s English, H. L. Mencken’s The American Language, and all the way back to the complete plays of William Shakespeare.

This section will also periodically feature articles and primers on practical applications of English such as school paper preparation and writing, creative writing, business writing, public speaking, and various other forms of exposition.

Its overall objective is to help members of Jose Carillo’s English forum acquire a much stronger, well-rounded grasp and appreciation of the English language.

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Creative writing wisdom and marketing expertise at your fingertips

If you are seriously thinking of writing fiction and screenplays for the movies and television, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to visit The Writers Store. The website is primarily commercial, of course, offering as it does various software for screenwriting, novel writing, and filmmaking, but it also features an “Expert Series” that consists of almost 50 highly instructive articles about the grammar and the writing and rewriting of fiction and screenplays as well as many tried-and-tested ways of promoting your own book or pitching your story or screenplay ideas.

Just a few of the very interesting subjects taken up in the “Expert Series” selection: “Conscious Media” (Parts 1-4 on character creation); “Hidden Structures in Great Stories and Their Enormous Power”; “Your Rewrite: 3 Angles of Attack”; “15 Do-It-Yourself Tools to Promote Your Book”; “Animation and the Art of Action-Based Storytelling”; “The Storywheel”; “The Screenwriter’s Vision”; “Choosing the Right Idea for a Film or Book”; and “Connecting with Audiences Through Character Emotions.” As the title of the selection indicates, all of the articles were written by experts in their respective fields.

Truly, the “Expert Series” of The Writers Store brings a lot of creative writing wisdom and marketing expertise just a few mouse clicks away from where you are.

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