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The 10 Most Annoying English Grammar Errors Cover“After the success of his bestselling English Plain and Simple, Jose Carillo serves up another treat for everyone who loves and uses the English language. Beyond simply providing a ‘hit list’ of frequently misused words and phrases, Carillo delves into the logic behind the language, embodied in its grammar. For those who took their last formal lessons in English far too long ago—and for the many others who’ve always wondered about the mysteries of grammar—this book is a delightful and insightful guide to how English works, and why.”—JOSE DALISAY, JR., PhD, Director of the Institute of Creative Writing, University of the Philippines

“This book is a great English grammar teacher! In an engaging fashion, it raises awareness of grammatical problems by quoting examples from local context use of English; takes the reader through the process of revision via specific strategies before calling attention to the rules of accuracy; and builds the learner's potential by providing exercises with answer keys. Perfect! It is every English teacher’s delightful reference guide to a methodical way of teaching grammar!”—MA. LUZ C. VILCHES, PhD, Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Humanities, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University

“Jose A. Carillo follows up on his award-winning book, English Plain and Simple, with this compilation of egregious acts committed on an acknowledged world language. It’s not simply a list that prioritizes the commonest or vilest incidents of vexation, however. Employing a characteristically comprehensive format, Carillo elucidates on what constitutes popular errors, and how speakers and writers who will surely benefit from this assiduous tutelage can untangle themselves from the web of misplaced convention. The 200-million-Elvis-fans-can't-be-wrong syndrome is thus turned on its head by this chaste if rock-n-rolling lover of language. His extensive critiques turn into step-by-step tutorials that should serve the commendable cause of proper, let alone elegant, communication.”—ALFRED A. YUSON, Award-Winning Book Author and Editor and Hall of Famer, Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature

“Jose Carillo’s new guide to correct English usage, coming on the heels of his acclaimed English Plain and Simple, is another welcome guide for all speakers of the language, native or nonnative. As his examples show, even wizened editors are not beyond committing the most basic grammatical lapses. And some of Carillo’s interesting exchanges with passionate readers of his language column are reproduced in this book. Thus, we get not only clear lessons in proper usage, but also deep insights into controversies about language. This is definitely a must-read for all, from bumbling barristers to befuddled beauty contestants.”—ED MARANAN, Freelance Writer and Hall of Famer, Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature

“In this book Joe Carillo gives us some useful tools to avoid repeatedly making the same annoying mistakes in English. We should not abstain from expressing our opinions simply because we are afraid of putting a wrong foot here and there. But taking sound advice like the salient points given in The 10 Most Annoying English Grammar Errors will increase our confidence of driving home our point without distracting readers with too many grammatical shortcomings. And if this well-reasoned book should further stimulate our interest in the English language, so much the better!”—NIELS HOVMÖLLER, Educational Software Developer and Secondary School English Teacher (retired), Stockholm, Sweden


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