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Jose Carillo's English Forum is published by Jose A. Carillo, a nationally awarded writer and editor and an internationally awarded corporate communicator. He won a National Book Award for linguistics from the Manila Critics Circle in 2005 for his first English-usage book, English Plain and Simple: No-Nonsense Ways to Learn Today’s Global Language. Previously, he had won a total of nine major industry awards in the Philippines for his work as company editor and public affairs executive. He later gained international recognition for his work as a corporate communicator, winning the Gold Quill Award of the U.S.-based International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in 1989 and the Golden World Award of the U.K.-based International Public Relations Association (IPRA) in 1990.

A former college newspaper editor in chief, national newspaper reporter, company editor, and corporate communications executive, he ran a Metro Manila-based English-language services company as its general manager for nearly five years until mid-2005. He is now an independent editor and communication consultant based in Metro Manila in the Philippines.

Aside from English Plain and Simple, Carillo has since written two other books on English usage: The 10 Most Annoying English Grammar Errors (mid-2008) and Give Your English the Winning Edge (July 2009). He writes a weekly English-usage column for both the print and online editions of The Manila Times and can be reached at



Give Your English the Winning Edge (2009)
The 10 Most Annoying English Grammar Errors (2008)
English Plain and Simple (2004)

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