Author Topic: Getting to know the world’s 6 most aesthetically-challenged species  (Read 10666 times)

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In’s January 9, 2024 issue, writer Cody Cottler surveys the more aesthetically-challenged species that thrive in various parts of the world.

He ranks these six as the ugliest among them: (1) the Damascus goat, (2) the blobfish, (3) the naked mole rat, (4) the proboscis monkey, (5) the aye-aye monkey of Madagascar, and (6) the dozens of species of horseshoe bats in Eurasia and Africa.

                                           IMAGE CREDIT: FOTOPANORAMA360/SHUTTERSTOCK
The aesthetically challenged Damascus goat ranks No. 1 in bad looks

Cody comments wryly but with a dash of self-deprecating humor on behalf of his fellow humans: “As a society we’re especially fond of animals we deem beautiful, cute, majestic, or otherwise attractive: peacocks, corgis, Arabian horses. But maybe these nice-to-look-at creatures don’t need any more attention. Instead, let’s take time to appreciate the weird and homely animals we share the planet with — haven’t we all at some point counted ourselves among them?”

Read in full Cody Cottler’s “Here are 6 of the ugliest animals in the world” in now!
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