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A. If you are from the Philippines and:

(1) a student in middle school, high school, or college; or

(2) an OFW who wants to improve your mastery of English; or

(3) an employee in government service or in a private company; or

(4) a college graduate who's preparing to take exams such as LET or CSC; or

(5) an English classroom teacher,

you might be interested in the following free downloadable resources:

1. 900-plus interactive exercises with time limit, automatic scoring, and an average of 10 items per exercise; around 174 megabytes total file size in Dropbox

Besides grammar and vocabulary, there are interactive exercises on reading comprehension, verbal analogy, logic list, paragraph summarizing and completion, correct sequence of sentences, etc.

2. "Spoken English Learned Quickly" resource with PDF and MP3 lessons with a choice of American accent or light British accent; around 850 megabytes total file size in Google Drive

B. For examples of the interactive exercises with time limit and automatic scoring, please surf to:

English Placement Test (45 items) at

Multi-level grammar tests (100 items) for assessment at

Comparative - superlative at

Infinitives - gerunds at

I created the 900-plus interactive exercises using the freeware Hot Potatoes from the University of Victoria in Canada.

C. The three major guidelines in the "Spoken English Learned Quickly" (SELQ) resource for learning how to speak fluent conversational English are:

(1) To learn to speak English correctly, you must speak it aloud.

(2) To learn to speak English fluently, you must think in English.

(3) The more you speak English aloud, the more quickly you will learn to speak it fluently.

D. The conditions for availing of these free resources are that these resources must used only on a personal and private basis; they must not be uploaded to a website or to an intranet. These resources are free of charge for everyone and must not be used commercially.

If you wish to avail of these free resources, please email me at for the download links.

I will be able to reply to you within two to four days. If you don't see my reply in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.
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