Author Topic: The New Reading Environment—After Twitter  (Read 9979 times)

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The New Reading Environment—After Twitter
« on: May 04, 2023, 01:51:57 PM »
The editors of the website have come up with a critique of Twitter that they described as having “held true utility for the contemporary reader” for 15 years, a site that they said had “offered brisk access to the news and the figures responsible for it and to the wide-ranging commentary and often terrible opinions of interesting people, and to surprising encounters with previously unencountered knowledge.” The platform had an efficient information delivery system that made it unique among its social media rivals, the editors said, but now they contend that its new CEO’s piece-by-piece algorithmic tweaks and efforts to monetize everything about the site have “undermined the features that made Twitter useful and occasionally enjoyable for even the nonruling class.”


This critique of Twitter by the editors forms part of their still ongoing and wide-ranging assessment of the evolving online reading environment that has seen the rise of such motley names as Semafor, Air Mail, Punchbowl News, and Puck—many of which have erected the modern paywall that the critique says now “has attained its final, fortress-defending form…after a long and glorious spell of underpolicing.”

Read in full “The New Reading Environment—After Twitter,” Issue 45 (May 4, 2023) in the online now!
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