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"Warmth of Chilly December" by Maximo Tumbali


Joe Carillo:
Warmth of Chilly December
By Maximo Tumbali


Everyone feels the pricking chill of December
The elderly amongst us feel they're in an ice chamber
What keeps them warm, though, is the spirit of X'mas
Now raging in almost every corner in full blast

In the years past when life was easy and things affordable
X'mas season was celebrated in ways so incredible
Now Yuletide is felt and known not by its true spirit
But rather by the cold weather it brings that pricks

But there still are many benevolent living souls around
Who care for the poor to make them safe and sound
Such is the warmth the less fortunate feel this Yuletide
Shared too by the very generous with a sense of pride

Love, care, peace, understanding, and compassion
Must be shared this X'mas to give it a true passion
A poor soul quivering and shivering in famine and poverty
Will feel the warmth of December no matter how chilly

If this X'mas he and his family are showered with gifts
And enjoy the holiday season in high spirits, not in grief
What thaws the cold and uncaring humanity
Is the warmth of generosity that must thrive intensely.

Mr. Maximo Tumbali is a Forum member and literary writer who occasionally contributes to the Forum's feature sections.


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