Author Topic: The both of you, the both of us, and what matter  (Read 10054 times)

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The both of you, the both of us, and what matter
« on: February 05, 2022, 06:16:43 PM »
I often hear a judge in a beauty contest of an afternoon variety show use the phrase "the both of you." Other times, other Filipino celebrities would use the phrase "the both of us" in talk shows. Are these usages correct, Sir?

Last Wednesday, I heard my second choice for president use "what matter" in a statement. I quickly check the phrase in some online dictionaries to find out if it was right and wasn't really surprised that it was not. I then thought that, maybe, spontaneity in a morning interview just got the better of a nonnative English speaker. But then he had used "what matter" again two days later for not fewer than three times, making me sure that the phrase was being deliberately used. What should be done in that case, Sir?
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