Author Topic: How Light Dawns On Us  (Read 15982 times)


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How Light Dawns On Us
« on: July 20, 2020, 10:44:45 AM »
It's not the darkness that we are afraid of; it's the feeling we associate with it. But we can totally appreciate the grandeur of light only after we have let the darkness envelop our soul.”

When we are devoid of light, when our spirits felt like they have been kissed by Dementors, when our souls have started crushing down, that's the time we feel every melody of silence. It is when those moments that we can listen attentively to every tune, every beat, every harmony there is in our surrounding.


If life's bitterness keeps on running in every DNA of our blood, that's the time we can measure the strength of our will. Silence is no longer deafening; it's becomes the oasis of our strength.

Sometimes no matter how melodious the music is, if the burden of reality is just so excruciating to bear, no tune is enough to move our soul to take another step. However, it's in the depth of despair and core of paralysis that we discover that radiating light from within; silence becomes the path, the journey that fuels us to try once again and rediscover what kind of life is ahead of us.

Once we appreciate silence, we can no longer underestimate its power; darkness, then, becomes just a part of the entire puzzle. Let us commune with silence, and together we can appreciate our individual spark.

When darkness starts whispering, summon every courage left in you to go through with it. Be still. With dignity and resiliency, take every phase of it. Listen to every beating of your heart how to accept every piece of it, every broken part of it, every shattered part of it. Nothing should be left. Nothing should be covered. Nothing should be buried. Not a single part of this darkness should be forgotten.

Because it is when you see through every spectacle of nothingness that you appreciate the full spectrum of why you were created. Because it is when every fabric of your being is shredded, torn into pieces, and broken up to its last piece, that you can finally say: "What a life!"

Redefining darkness does not come without ripping of our souls. We have to go through not just the paralyzing pains of the game of life, but we must also navigate the intricacies of it. We can only understand how incredible it is to be triumphant in the face of defeat. We may shed tears seeing how numbing, how worrying, and how disheartening it must be seeing someone’s loved depart from this world, but seeing it ourselves how tricky the smile of death gives its gift to our own, makes the pain indescribable.

Like when my father died in front of me, it took me several years before I accepted his death. I read this quote: "...there are people whom we can't live without, but we have to let go." Somehow, losing him became bearable. I thought I was over with his death, but there are times, I really do miss my dad. Then, after so much prayer and introspection, I had to forgive my dad for dying in front of me. Perhaps you won't understand anyway.  I can't say that losing him bring me no more agony, but because I love him with all my heart, I had to let him go. If someone among you has ever experienced what I have experienced, I hope you will gradually be healed, too.

Is there any redemption in suffering? Is it worth embracing every ache? Why do we even have to be smashed?

Perhaps this voice has not enough wisdom to share. Maybe because you, readers, have your own way of answering this: How did you surpass every agony you have experienced? Your response could save a hurting soul now.

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