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1. I'm currently working on a website that will feature interactive English grammar and vocabulary exercises based on Korean historical dramas such as A Jewel in the Palace, Dong Yi, The Flower in Prison, Six Flying Dragons, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, etc. Through this website, you can foster your love for Korean historical dramas and at the same time, learn English grammar and vocabulary.

As of now, I've posted exercises based on "Empress Ki," "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds," "Dong Yi," and "A Jewel in the Palace." The URL is

These exercises are designed for Asians who are beginning learners of English. (If you’re already an advanced learner of English, you can also use these exercises to refresh your knowledge.) Thus, the exercises focus on errors in grammar that Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Thai, Khmer, etc. commonly make with articles, prepositions, gender pronouns, tenses, and subject-verb agreement, among others.

Please email me at for corrections, comments, or suggestions for the exercises.

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