Author Topic: Retrospective on Rizal’s 156th Birth Anniversary today, June 19, 2017  (Read 11249 times)

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Illustrados in Madrid: Jose Rizal is in the second row, fifth from right.

On his 156th birth anniversary today, June 19, 2017, let’s revisit in earlier Forum posts ("Did Rizal ever speak and write in English?" and other stories) the life of Dr. Jose P. Rizal as multilingual Filipino and citizen of the world, great writer and poet, expatriate and multinational traveler, scholar of an astoundingly wide range of interests, quintessential lover of women, and peaceable patriot and revolutionary who kindled the spirit of the fight for independence of the future Philippine Republic.

The stories posted in the Forum over the years are as follows:
1. Looking for Rizal in Europe, finding a “little bad boy” (June 17, 2011)
By Howie Severino, GMA News
2. José Rizal’s Loves: An Analyzed, Revised View (2013)
By Dr. Penélope V. Flores
3. Rizal Invigorated Southeast Asia’s Revolutionary Spirit
My review of John Nery's book “Revolutionary Spirit: Jose Rizal in Southeast Asia” (2011)
4. “Unhappy wife of Jose Rizal”
By Ambeth R. Ocampo, @inquirerdotnet

To read each posting, simply click the indicated link.
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