Author Topic: The Music Of Our Race  (Read 10055 times)

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The Music Of Our Race
« on: July 22, 2015, 04:24:23 PM »
It's been exactly 119 years from now that he died for his motherland, seeing the sadness on the eyes of his brethren led him to fight for his country, he fought with his brains and for his heart. Showing his love for his fellow brethren to give them the freedom they deserve and for the future of his country he wrote novels and some poems for his brethren to read and understand and become one, for this will become a spark of a revolution. He cannot take it anymore seeing innocent lives being slaved by this colonist. But he can't do it alone, he needs every single one of them who can fight and risk their lives for their country and love ones. To let their country have their own future not what is ordered by the powerful. But in the end he failed, but he also succeed because before he died he finished and published his work and pass this novels to the future generations. His last wish for those who will live in harmony and peace in this country is to love our country and let no one take it from us whatever the cost may be, love our language and use it as a weapon, let our culture live on. After 333 years of slavery, we finally raised our flag and paid respect to those heroes who died defending this land and fighting for our freedom so that we will not suffer what they have experienced in the last 333 years. But is this what he really wanted to see from us?

I think not because after that we were sold to another country, and we just stand by and watch them took over our land. They promised us that they will not conquer us just like the last time and will take care of us. We were easily fooled by this and accepted their terms without first thinking about what will happen to us because of this decision. The war came, we were being attacked by our fellow Asian country that wanted to be a world power that has planned to take over all Asia. Where was the promised help that we get? We thought that we are their favorite ally. Well guess what? Not really I suppose. They first took care of business in Europe knowing that there are more way richer than our land. While they are taking care of Europe we just stand there and let the other country attack us and we again became slaves. They let them take their children as captives, their wives being slaves while doing nothing. If he was still alive at that moment he will go mad. Suddenly those who promised us help made a dramatic and heroic entrance, that our fooled government leaders took this as a miracle. Again we were under by  this tall and huge foreigners, because they are more superior and advance than ours. So we let them take care of this and becomes free once more. We became allied with this country until now.

We should thank those who conquered us for their contribution, like there languages that we still use of today because we still cannot find a perfect own term or definition for that word. But the bad part is that we betrayed our country for that. Now a days everyone wants to go to abroad to work, because of those huge salaries that we cannot stop them. But we should first at least spend time working for this country of ours before going to abroad. After retiring go back to the place we were born, but no they will continue there family to another land. The language on our homes are now changing. Now a days they teach their children to speak English more than our own language. That is also a sign of betrayal. Why don't we first teach our language then teach them another when they know how to speak and understand our language. Is that because we are ashamed for what we have? Is it because our natural skin tone is brown? Is that our language not very popular? How can it be popular if we keep on speaking other's languages. If we still carry on, on speaking our own wherever we go they will have a hard time understanding it and will force them to  at least understand it. Why are we too afraid speaking our own language in front of other foreigners even if we are inside our own country? Loving our own language is also as big as loving our own country.

In the modern period where music became popular, This man who died 119 years ago had his reincarnation who was born on October 4,1964. He was famous from his nickname " A man from Manila". He loved his country so much that he even had a ink on his back with our flag. He used his music to let us realize what the past would have wanted for us to achieve while there is time for us to do it. He was so proud that he knew he was different from the other races having a different language to speak compare to others, having a brown color of skin instead of white and many more. He encourages us to do the same. To let the world know that we are proud for who we are. If we really wanted to live in the land with a flag that has 50 stars on it? Why are we not satisfied with 3? We should be proud for our 7,107 islands that can be found in our country. Why do the other countries seems they show more respect for our heroes than we do? Eventually he also died because of his sickness, but before he passed away he knew he touched so many lives, so he was happy to deliver those messages. It is our duty now to say what we want to say against all odds even if our tongues gets cut because of these.

The only question is are you one of those who have their lives touched by his songs? How bad do you want your country to be remembered? It's our turn to defend the 3 stars and a sun with our lives if needed. Let us make our on decisions don't let the others decide for our fates. This is the story of the music of our race.