Author Topic: How to learn subject-verb agreement like the back of your hand  (Read 6928 times)

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Request sent by Forum member JA to my Personal Message Box (July 15, 2013):

I have a classmate who finds the subject-verb agreement lesson difficult and I want to help her especially we are going to take our Licensure examination for teachers two years from now. May I ask what website offers a comprehensive discussion of subject-verb agreement?

My reply to JA:

I know three websites that provide detailed and very instructive discussion on subject-verb agreement:

1. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
2. CCCF Guide to Grammar Writing
3. LEO (Literacy Education Online)

These websites should give your classmate adequate grounding on how to make subjects and verbs agree. For total mastery of the subject, she can take a pick every now and then from so many other excellent sites on the web that provide subject-verb agreement exercises for free. By just doing those exercises, I’m sure she can ace the teachers’ licensure exam very handily two years from now.