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The Woman of Tomorrow
« on: May 08, 2013, 10:20:31 AM »
(This weekend is Mother’s Day, and the following article is a tribute to the women in their vital role in perpetuating the human species.)

The Woman of Tomorrow
By Angel B. Casillan

I have often wondered about what the woman’s role would be in the distant future. We know that in the past, she carried the big burden in continuing and preserving the civilizations of the human societies.  During the nomadic era of human history, she was the family planner, being the keeper of her children. In the current culture of codependency, and independence between men and women, her role is changing where she is becoming the leader of the family unit and of the community.

Evolution in its natural state would produce the fittest individual to survive in a given environment. In the past, evolution had adjusted to the condition of the available food supply. Planet Earth at present is supporting billions of people that if left unchecked, its human population would exponentially expand, which could implode under its own weight. When the time comes that earth could no longer support its human population, nature would take its own course to stabilize itself.

Nowadays, human beings are working on ideas to clean up the planet of the pollution that are being produced by the ever-expanding population.  But in the not too distant future, when an imbalance in population occurs, the man made pollution would cause disasters, warfare and pestilence due to lack of food supply, leaving only the adaptable fittest of the population to survive. This scenario would repeat itself several times until a new generation of tough, fit human beings would come out of these scenarios. Because this new breed of humans came out from the very challenging environment, they would be bigger in size in order to have excess body for reserve in cases of eventualities like diseases and physical challenges. Genetic changes would ensue, dramatically increasing the intelligence quotient of the human race to accommodate the changes in the environment. The last genetic change took 50,000 years for human beings to acquire speech and behavior but in a fast moving scientific and technologically advanced society, the human mind and body would evolve in a shorter period of time to adapt.

Comes the year AD 25,000, the human being on earth would become a walking giant compared to our current standard. During the years when Man would be challenged with very difficult circumstances, his unused brain matters would be put to work. In the past history of human evolution, this situation found itself repeated in three genetic changes since the human link split from the Chimps five million years ago, until the appearance of the modern Man at about 100,000 years ago. If more of his brain were to be used, it would need more supply of nutrition and energy from the cells all over his body. The brain supplied with more nutrition would grow, necessitating the human body to become bigger to provide more cells for manufacturing the energy. This situation would provoke an evolutionary process with the human being increasing in his physical size and his brain.

There is a law in science about matter and energy which states that the total quantity of matter and energy in the universe is fixed. It should also apply to the fixed maximum amount of food supply that could be produced on this earth. When the human population reaches its maximum population capacity using the maximum food supply available, that would translate to the optimum population that the earth could maintain, and the excess population would cause challenges. The enlarged brains of human beings exposed to difficult challenges and opportunities would contribute to the superior intellect of the future mankind. It was recorded in history that as the brain capacity of the humans had increased, their innovation and skills also had advanced.

At this juncture, the genetic changes that would have occurred would benefit the women more than the men because of the multifaceted work and opportunities that the women would have had borne in the society. There would be a reversal of roles for men and women, where women would be up front in the management of society. With the women bearing the bigger roles carrying the babies inside their bodies and nurturing them after birth until they could fend for themselves, on top of their other responsibilities in the management of society, the genetic change would evolve women into superwomen. Women’s physical stature would approach or equal that of the men but the women’s average intelligence would be higher than that of men, which is natures’ way to compensate for the extra load of work that the women are assigned to perform. When a woman becomes equal with a man, that would be the time that she would become superior to him.

 How about courtship and marriage? Since the world would have become a woman’s world, then the woman would select the man of her life.  The women being prominent in the government would be more conservative in decision-making concerning conflicts and warfare, thereby minimizing loss of life due to wars because of their strong kinship with their children. The chores and the additional responsibilities assigned by society to women would make the theory of evolution favorable to women by maximizing anything that’s being used and minimizing the unused. Where would the macho men of distant tomorrow’s today? They would be the extinct exhibits of a different era, victims of the new society.

Have you heard about the Amazons of the Greek Mythology, a race of female warriors who were tall, strong and masculine? Although the story was just a pigment of the Greeks’ imagination, it was probably their thoughts of evolution that would come in the distant future. When human mind imagines about certain things or ideas, the fact that it exists in the mind is tantamount to its existence somewhere, in time…

 (P.S.  Above is just my imagination, a child of my idle brain)
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