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Son’s and Daughter’s Day


Miss Mae:
Mothers have been daughters and fathers have been sons. Who and what mothers and fathers will become will be significantly influenced by their experiences as daughters and sons. The development of a person—the physical, social, and emotional processes— takes place during adolescence, from age 10 to 24. It’s daughters who become mothers, and it’s sons who become fathers.

Daughters and sons are the reasons, too, why mothers and fathers are deemed as one. They are the ones mothers care for and protect. They are also the ones fathers provide for and shelter. There is Mother’s and Father’s Day because of them.

A Son’s and Daughter’s Day can reinforce the self-worth and morale of the daughters and sons among us. The fact that they don’t have to wait until they become parents to be appreciated for what they are can help them appreciate every family resource they are enjoying now. Moreover, there are many sons and daughters who are now providing not only emotional but also financial support to members of their families. What son or daughter wouldn’t want to be esteemed once in a while for that?

I think this is a brilliant idea. :)


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