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TOEIC Practice Test #1 - Reading Comprehension (Part VII)
« on: October 25, 2009, 02:57:59 PM »
TOEIC Practice Test #1
Part VII

Questions 1-2 refer to the following advertisement:

Let Espresso Wash do your laundry fast!

Now you can stop worrying about your laundry! Leave it to Espresso Wash! Just bring in your laundry and we’ll do all the rest. At Espresso Wash, we do all the washing and the ironing. No need to wait at all!  Within 24 hours, we’ll deliver your washed and ironed clothes. What’s more, you can avail yourself of our 5th anniversary promo. You’ll get a 10% discount for every 5 kilos of your laundry, and 25% discount for every 10 kilos. This promo lasts only until December 30, so hurry! Visit us with your laundry today![/size]

1.  What service is not included?

        (A) Delivery.
        (B) Pick-up.
        (C) Washing.
        (D) Ironing.

        Answer:  (  )

2.  How much is the discount for laundry weighing 10 kilos?

        (A) 10%
        (B) 15%
        (C) 24%
        (D) 25%

       Answer: (  )

Questions 3-5 refer to the following advertisement:

APV Marketing, Chicago’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art photographic equipment and supplies, is looking for a qualified professional for the following position:


> Assist in conceptualizing marketing campaigns
> Provide inputs to the company’s marketing plans, programs, and activities
> Monitor the marketing performance of the company’s products in its various markets and outlets.

> Must have excellent marketing and communication skills
> Must have a college degree in Business, Economics, or Marketing Management
> Must have at least three years’ work experience in a comparable marketing organization
> Must be forward-looking and innovative

We offer competitive salary, bonuses, incentives, car plan, and health insurance.
Applicants may submit their résumé with ID photo to:
APV Marketing Corp.
Personnel Department

Room 504 Alpha Towers
11th Street, Chicago, IL 60446

3.  What is the business of APV Marketing Corp?

         (A) Publishing.
         (B) Banking.
         (C) Manufacturing.
         (D) Shipping.  

         Answer: (  )

4.  What is not a requirement of the position?    

        (A) Residence in Chicago.        
        (B) Good communication skills.
        (C) A Business degree.
        (D) Experience in marketing.

        Answer:  (  )

5.  At least how many years of work experience is required?    

        (A) One year.
        (B) Two years.        
        (C) Three years.    
        (D) Four years.

        Answer:  (  )

Questions 6-7 refer to the following document:

348 Full Circle Building, 2009 Main Avenue, Houston, TX

October 6, 2009

From: Peter Gould                                                                                
         Editor in Chief
To:   Lorna Neeson
      Chief Copyeditor
Subject: Book review from Italian correspondent for editing

Here is the book review done by Mr. Svevo, our correspondent in Rome. The manuscript needs a complete rewrite. It is not very well organized and the grammar is problematic. Ms. Ardrey, our new associate editor, said she had found major errors of fact. Please give me the rewritten manuscript by 5:00 p.m. today. Thanks!

Peter Gould[/size]

6.  What does the editor in chief want?

    (A) To have material totally redone.
    (B) To have some facts checked.
    (C) To have some details explained.
    (D) To have material replaced.  
    Answer: (  )

7.  Who was asked to do the work?

    (A) Mr. Svevo.
    (B) Peter Gould.
    (C) Ms. Ardrey.
    (D) Lorna Neeson.

    Answer:  (  )

Questions 8-9 refer to the following letter:

Ms. Joanna Wallace
Chief Finance Officer
Cooper Trading Corp.

I am pleased to recommend Mr. Alfred Engels for the position of apprentice trader. Mr. Engels was my student in Marketing at the University of Missouri. He excelled not only in academics but also in leadership, particularly as student council chairman. He was a member of the College Honors Society.  

Mr. Engels has strong persuasive skills and a very positive work outlook--qualities that should make him a valuable member of your organization.

With my best wishes,

Charles B. Kettering

8.  What is not mentioned as a strength of Alfred Engels?

         (A) Trading experience.
         (B) Scholarship.
         (C) Leadership exposure.
         (D) Persuasiveness.

         Answer: (  )

9.  What is the purpose of the letter?      

        (A) To explain a trading procedure
        (B)  To reprimand an employee.
        (C) To recommend a person for a job.    
        (D) To apply for a new position.

        Answer: (  )

Questions 10-12 refer to the following advertisement:

The new Futura 320 Laser Printer is here! It has a high-speed processor for quick processing of documents with complex visuals. It delivers 30 clear, crisp copies per minute. It is compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems. It comes with a 700-sheet paper tray, and can take three more trays for a maximum paper capacity of 2,300 sheets for much faster paper reloading. The new Futura 320 Laser Printer—for speedy, high-quality printing you can always trust!

10.  What does the advertisement emphasize?
      (A) The availability.
      (B) The size.
      (C) The cost.
      (D) The speed.

      Answer:  (  )

11.  Up to how many sheets of paper can the printer tray hold?

      (A) Approximately 700
      (B) Less than 320
      (C) At most 2,300
      (D) More than 2,300

      Answer: (  )

12.  Which of the following printing jobs would best use the machine’s capabilities?

      (A) A book containing text entirely.
      (B) A company’s financial statement.
      (C) Handwritten letters for reproduction.
      (D) A stack of paperwork with heavy visuals.

      Answer: (  )

Questions 13-14 refer to the following advice column from a magazine:

Dear Miss Household Adviser,

My vacuum cleaner isn’t performing properly. There’s no suction when I switch it on. I have checked the wirings but found them in good order. I also checked the dirt bag inside and there was no hole in it whatsoever. I suspect that the compressor has been busted. Please let me know what to do.

Ms. Adamson

Ms. Adamson,

Did you observe a loud whirring sound before the vacuum cleaner malfunctioned? If you did, the compressor may indeed be the problem. Don’t tinker with the compressor mechanism to avoid further damage to other parts of the vacuum cleaner. Call a qualified technician to undertake repairs on the unit immediately.

Miss Household Adviser

13.  What is the problem with Ms. Adamson’s vacuum cleaner?

        (A) The switch mechanism is defective.
        (B) It has defective wiring.
        (C) The dirt bag inside is punctured.
        (D) It doesn’t suck dirt anymore.

        Answer: (  )

14.  Who should Ms. Adamson call about her problem?

        (A) An engineer.
        (B) An electrician.
        (C) A technician.  
        (D) A salesman.

        Answer: (  )

Questions 15-16 refer to the following notice:

There will be an earthquake drill on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Everybody will be instructed to leave the building through the emergency exit stairways. All elevators will not operate at that time. Once the alarm is sounded, all those inside the building should immediately get out.

15.  What is the notice about?

      (A) A safety exercise.
      (B) A new evacuation system.
      (C) An earthquake alarm.
      (D) A problem with the elevators.

      Answer: (  )

16.  What are the building occupants expected to do?

      (A) Shut off the elevator.
      (B) Remain calm all throughout.
      (C) Avoid using the stairs.
      (D) Vacate the building.

      Answer:  (  )

Questions 17-19 refer to the following notice:

“How We Become What We Are”
A Seminar on Human Genetics

The seminar will be held on Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 9:00-12:00 noon, at the Conference Hall of the Carl Hogan Science Building, 202 University Road, Stanford, Northern California. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Amelia Lockhart from the Department of Biological Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. For reservations, call the Administration Office of Stanford University at 465-27-29 before November 19. There is no registration fee but reservation is a must. Snacks will be served. Check our website at[/size]

17.  What is the subject of the seminar?

      (A) Humanities.
      (B) Heredity.
      (C) Technology.
      (D) Biochemistry.

      Answer: (  )

18.  How long will the seminar be?

      (A) Four hours.
      (B) Three hours.
      (C) Two hours.
      (D) One hour.

      Answer: (  )

19.  Where will the seminar be held?

      (A) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      (B) Cambridge University.
      (C) Cornell University.
      (D) Stanford University.

      Answer: (  )

Questions 20-21 refer to the following letter:

Subject: Verification of Order

Dear Ms. Roberts:

About our telephone conversation this morning, I would like to confirm your order for the following:

10 kg. Australian Butter
8 kg. Ultima Low-Fat Margarine
6 kg. Keat’s Apple Juice
6 kg. Sola Orange Marmalade

Please expect delivery within tomorrow afternoon.

Albert Finnegan
Manager, Prima Food Store

20.  How was the order made?

      (A) By fax.
      (B) By e-mail.
      (C) By phone.
      (D) By post.

      Answer: (  )

21.  Which item was not ordered?

      (A) Marmalade
      (B) Applesauce.
      (C) Margarine.
      (D) Butter.

      Answer: (  )

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Continuation: TOEIC Practice Test #1 - Reading Comprehension (Part VII)
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Questions 22-24 refer to the following notice:

Get ready for our team-building exercise!

On Thursday, December 3, 2009, the company will hold a whole-day team-building exercise at the Claremont Beach Resort in San Diego.

The activities in the morning will be done in the following order: bounty-hunting, tug-of-war, boat-building, and team relay. After lunch, we will do puzzle-solving exercises in separate groupings.

We are doing these exercises to promote the following skills in the organization: creativity, innovation, flexibility, and teamwork. The full participation of everyone is encouraged.

Assembly will be at the campus cafeteria. We will have breakfast there at 6:30 a.m. and the company bus will leave at exactly 8:00 a.m. Casual dress and sports get-ups are musts. We will have lunch and snacks at the beach resort.

22.  What is the first activity of the day?

   (A) Boat-building.
   (B) Tug-of-war.
   (C) Team relay. 
   (D) Bounty-hunting.

   Answer: (  )

23.  What should participants bring?

   (A) Snacks.
   (B) Casual clothing.
   (C) Lunch.
   (D) Crossword puzzles.

   Answer: (  )

24.  What is the purpose of the activity?

   (A) To improve employee well-being.
   (B) To come up with new product ideas.
   (C) To foster company loyalty.   
   (D) To improve company teamwork.

   Answer: (  )

Questions 25-28 refer to the following letter:

Institute of History
Texas State University
Fort Worth, TX 76244

December 7, 2009

Ms. Alice Cummins
Chief Librarian
Amherst University 
Amherst, MA 04101

Dear Ms. Cummins:

I would like to order photocopies of the following doctoral dissertations from your library:

Title                                                        Date    No. of Pages   

“Florida’s Role in the Fishing Strike of 1908”               1990     65
“Effect of Louisiana’s Geography on the War of 1864”      1985       48
“American Civil War: From Maryland to Atlanta”                    2000       58
“The Saga of the American Confederacy State”       1998      80

My personal check for $25.80 is enclosed to cover the cost of the reproductions.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Artemis Hudson
Professor, Texas State University

25.  What are being purchased?

      (A) Academic researches.
      (B) Magazine articles.
      (C) Rare books.
      (D) Newspaper features.

      Answer: (  )   

26.  How will the orders be paid?

      (A) By bank draft.
      (B) By credit card.
      (C) By check.
      (D) By wire transfer.

      Answer: (  )

27.  In what year was the document with the most pages published?

      (A) 2000
      (B) 1998
      (C) 1990
      (D) 1985

      Answer: (  )

28.  What is the job of Mr. Artemis Hudson?

      (A) Reporter.
      (B) Researcher.
      (C) Writer.
      (D) Teacher.

      Answer: (  )

Questions 29-31 refer to the following announcement:

Film Lovers Earnestly Needed!

The Starburst Film Festival is a 15-day event held every year during the second week of February. This year we are holding it from February 14-28, 2010. This festival is run entirely by volunteers. We urge you to share your time and talent for this event by joining many of Louisiana’s film-loving people!

Pre-festival activities

From January 3 to 17, we need volunteers for the following committees: research of relevant films, film selection and classification, and sourcing of film material. From January 18 to 30, we need volunteers to preview the preselected films, organize the sequence of film showings, plan advertising and publicity for the film festival, and do the actual executions of festival advertising and publicity.

Festival proper

During the festival proper, we need volunteers for these committees:  registration, welcoming of guests and festival attendees, and day-by-day coordination of the film festival activities. 

Post-festival activities

After the festival, we need volunteers for these committees: return of films to their owners, and preparation of the festival’s income-and-loss statement.

Volunteer registration

Volunteers are requested to register with the Starburst Film Festival, Tel. 800-365-2800 no later than January 2, 2010.

29.  When is the first day of the film festival?

      (A) January 2.
      (B) January 3.
      (C) February 14
      (D) February 28.

      Answer: (  )

30.  What is the purpose of the announcement?

      (A) To solicit sponsorships.
      (B) To get film exhibitors.
      (C) To invite volunteers.
      (C) To publicize an event.

      Answer: (  )

31. How many committees can one choose to join from January 3 to 17?

     (A) Two.
     (B) Three.
     (C) Four.
     (D) Five.

     Answer: (  )

Questions 32-34 refer to the following news article:

The author of the best-selling The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown has now sold over 80 million copies of the book, making him one of the richest novelists of all time.  All four of his novels were on The New York Times bestseller list in the same week, and he made it to Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the year 2005. His income from the sales of The Da Vinci Code alone was over $200 million. This latter figure makes his fortune next to that of Harry Potter series author J. K. Rowling, whose wealth from the sales of her novels is estimated at over $800 million.

But Brown’s first three novels had little success, with fewer than 10,000 copies in each of their first printings. However, his fourth, The Da Vinci Code, became a runaway bestseller, going to the top of the New York Times best seller list during its very first week of release in 2003.

32. By how much does Dan Brown’s income from his books compare to that of J. K. Rowling?

      (A) One fourth.
      (B) One third.
      (C) One half.
      (D) Two thirds.
      Answer: (  )

33. One magazine has declared Dan Brown as what?

      (A) Among the 100 wealthiest people.
      (B) More popular than J. K. Rowling.
      (C) Among the 100 most influential people.
      (D) More prolific than J. K. Rowling.

      Answer: (  )

34. How much is the estimated wealth of Dan Brown?

      (A) $10 million
      (B) $80 million
      (C) $200 million
      (D) $800 million

      Answer: (  )

Questions 35-37 refer to the following letter:

September 8, 2009

Mr. Robert S. Torricelli
Executive Director
Foundation for European Writers
Dear Mr. Torricelli:

I am writing to thank you for the interview you granted me yesterday on such short notice. Your views about the effects of globalization on the writing craft has certainly enriched the material that will form the basis for my article in the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

I am particularly grateful to you for providing me with very informative material about the situation of European writers in the face of the emergence of the European Economic Community. This weekend, I will be watching the set of documentary films you lent me on the plight of the Italian and French writers during World War II. I will be returning the videotape to you on Monday as promised.

Once again, thank you for all the assistance you have extended to me!
Sincerely yours,
Anna Sperling

35.  How would you describe Mr. Torricelli?

        (A) Assertive.
        (B) Helpful.
        (C) Determined.
        (D) Accurate.

        Answer: (  )

36.  When did Anna interview Mr. Torricelli?

      (A) September 6.
      (B) September 7.
      (C) September 8.
      (D) September 9.

      Answer: (  )

37.  What is Anna’s job?

      (A) Director.
      (B) Librarian.
      (C) Writer.
      (D) Consultant.

      Answer: (  )

Questions 38-40 refer to the following news item:

UNDP-Private sector partners for development in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO—For the first time in 39 years in Sri Lanka UNDP has teamed up with private sector partners to improve the quality of life of tsunami-affected communities of Sri Lanka.

Suntel, Brandix, Ceylinco Insurance, and the Coca Cola Company have signed agreements with UNDP to fund water and sanitation and capacity development projects in the affected districts of north, east and south of the island. These companies are contributing up to US$ 600,000 towards these projects. Some of the water and sanitation projects are being financed by the United Nations Foundation.

Suntel, a private telecommunications company, was the first entirely local private sector company to partner with UNDP Sri Lanka. The initial contribution of Rs 813,000 from the Suntel Relief Trust Fund is being utilized in Noonnawella in the Galle district.

These funds will be channeled through the Micro-Enterprise Development project (MED).  Rehabilitation of affected livelihoods has already begun in nine tsunami affected districts. The MED project is providing capacity development training and has established a revolving loan fund through the Central Bank at very low interest rates for disadvantaged tsunami-affected people.

38.  What is the purpose of the project?
      (A) To rehabilitate a disaster-stricken country. 
      (B) To restore communication facilities.
      (C) To maximize a country’s food production.
      (D) To put up a better disaster-alert system.

      Answer:  (  )

39.  How many companies have agreed to support the project?
      (A) Two.
      (B) Three.
      (C) Four.
      (D) Five.

      Answer: (  )

40.  What form of aid was not mentioned?         

      (A) Water supply system.
      (B) School construction.
      (C) Sanitation system.
      (D) Telecommunication system.

      Answer: (  )

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