Author Topic: What’s the proper way of naming our hometown association abroad?  (Read 6832 times)

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Question by Homer Bunag (August 14, 2009):
There are a good number of people from our small town in Pitogo, Quezon Province, Philippines abroad or overseas. We formed an organization, Association of Pitogohins Abroad (APA). Some members claimed it should be Association of Pitogohin Abroad.
Which one is correct?

Dear Homer:
The name with the plural “Pitogohins” is the grammatically correct form: Association of Pitogohins Abroad. However, the mixing of the English word “Association” with the Anglicized plural of the native word “Pitogohin”—“Pitogohins”—could be grammatically objectionable to some people. I suppose then that a possible middle-ground choice of name for your group is one that uses “Pitogohin” as an adjective: Overseas Pitogohin Association.