Advice and Dissent


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[1] "The facts make it physically impossible for Limasawa to be Mazzaua"

[2] "Did the First Mass historians ever talk to one another?" - Parts 1, 2, and 3

[3] Is "the algorithm" really a powerful meta-specter haunting our hauntings?

[4] "Sugrophobia" is a veritable epidemic and cultural obsession

[5] A review of "'The Man Who Organized Nature': The Life of Linnaeus"

[6] Color doesn’t inhabit the physical world but only exists in the beholder's eyes

[7] Could an algorithm do a better job of deciding what’s best for you?

[8] For better or worse, blurbs and their hyperboles are here to stay

[9] “Interpretive contests essential in efforts to advance historical understanding"


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