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Your Thoughts Exactly / More Practice
« on: May 23, 2009, 02:06:33 PM »
Yes, that's right. That's what I need. Thanks for inviting me to this forum as there's no more need for a close friend to come by and point out my common mistakes. The articles here are eye-opening enough, reminders for me to keep in my everyday life. Though there is no great pressure at work to speak perfect English, the guilt of making mistakes haunts me even at bedtime. Dear Grammar and style doctor, what do we do to improve our speaking and writing abilities?

I have been trying to contribute to some association journals for many years now, and I noticed how effective the hobby is to improving my writing style. My chosen essay topics range from gardening, mothering, traveling and managing stress in life. Short stories just talked about my everyday observations in my new cultural society. It's just nice to hear some people say that they've read my articles and enjoyed my narrations. You must be so happy here too always receiving good remarks for your writing, Mr. Carillo. I'd like to say that you are my idol  ;).

My question now is---how do we "earn" at the same time try to improve our writing skills? I am quite confused whether to continue with my " odd writing" or not. I confess, I have started writing some romance short stories (well, not just romance, but super romance...ero....) to just a few readers hoping I could improve my description style, adding suspense and correctly positioning the climax... ;D    Oh I'm so sorry. I just realized that this writing exercise is risky but surely catches the target audience's attention.Now, my problem is, they keep clamoring for more  :o.

Could you recommend a good writer for this genre?

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