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Well, I must say that I actually thought the sentence was error-free. I didn’t realize that there is actually something wrong with the phrase itself. In fact, I do agree with you that people have a limited knowledge of English grammar and usage throughout tasks in their daily lives. I believe that this would have something to do with writing styles and personality. But I am sure that there are ways to improve and make ourselves better at using the language.

Getting to Know English / Re: Simply to Get the Ball Rolling
« on: August 23, 2010, 04:49:39 PM »
The English language can be confusing at times. And when it comes to grammar, it is getting all over me. Writing, talking, or using the language in any sorts of manner that is possible wouldn’t be a problem for me or for others out there. But when it comes to grammar exercises, it is hard to distinguish which correct and which is not. In fact, that is the worst case that I am encountering with the language.

Getting to understand more about the basic is one of the things that should be done in order to improve in English. In fact I am very glad that I actually understand and had the privilege to do so and it comes to a point where basics are very important to me. The more I understand about the foundation of something, the easier it is for me to master, or even improve in that certain field.

Getting to Know English / Re: Lesson #14 - Consistency in Point of View
« on: August 23, 2010, 01:50:58 PM »
I have to admit that this piece of information had been indeed helpful in clearing some confusion that I have had in mind for quite some time now. My English teacher isn’t that friendly and every time I tried to ask a question, she takes it offensively and treats my question as a doubt or a statement against her. With all of this, I don’t have to get into trouble anymore and the bright side is that I have a chance to improve my English.

I appreciate it very much that you are willing to spend so much time and effort on making this piece of information available to everyone. In fact, this would help a lot of people that are learning English or intending to improve to get the appropriate information that they wanted. I believe that most of us could make use of this regardless how good one’s English is. It is definitely worth the time to take a good look at it.

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