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Author Topic: Links to my 2017- "English Plain and Simple" columns in The Manila Times  (Read 425 times)
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2017-    : "English Plain and Simple" columns in The Manila Times

(This listing is in reverse chronological order, the latest first. To access and read a particular column, simply click the indicated link.)
April 20, 2017:
Getting reacquainted with the coordinating conjunctions (Print edition only)

April 13, 2017: Maundy Thursday (No issue)

April 6, 2017:
“Which should we master first, conjunctions or prepositions?” (Print edition only)

March 30, 2017:
The grammar of English conditional sentences (Print edition only)

March 23, 2017:
A puzzling peculiarity of grammatical objects in English (Print edition only)

March 16, 2017:
How to avoid stumbling when using the English comparatives (Print edition only)

March 9, 2017:
Grappling with the grammar of the indefinite pronouns (Print edition only)

March 2, 2017:
Questionable English grammar in the lyrics of a popular song (Print edition only)

February 23, 2017:
Why it’s easier to speak fluently in English than to write well in English (Print edition only)

February 16, 2017:
Choosing between a gerund phrase or infinitive phrase (Print edition only)

February 4, 2017:
Problems when constructing negative ‘used to’ sentences

January 28, 2017:
The correct, judicious forms of address in a bureaucracy

January 21, 2017:
What to do when a very long noun form is the subject of the sentence

January 14, 2017:
When is sentence inversion a matter of grammar or style?

January 7, 2017:
Looking back to the past 15 years that I’ve been writing this column

(2015-2016 columns in previous panel)
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