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Author Topic: Difference between a verb phrase and a phrasal verb  (Read 926 times)

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Dear Mr. Carillo:

Good Day  Sir!

This is Nina Ortiz. I hope you still remember me. We met at PC Supermarket at Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong while I was  doing my groceries while  you were also buying something.  I think that was sometime in year 2010.   When you introduced yourself to me, I was surprised because I bought your two books entitled “English Plain and Simple” and “Give your English the Winning Edge.”  I really love these  books.  Truth is, I will miss one third of my life if I lose these books.  They are great!!  By the way, we even shared our cell numbers and the chance to text with each other once or twice, but the texting suddenly stopped.

Mr. Carillo, I need your help  regarding these things:

      •     What is the difference between a verb phrase and a phrasal verb.  Are these two  one and the [      
same thing?

      •     About the statement “I look forward to hearing from you.”  Why is it the “ing” form is always used and not the regular verb? What is the grammar rule behind this.  The sentence “I look forward to hear from you” sounds good to the ears as well.  

      •     Which is correct “ I intend to see you” or “I intend to seeing you”.   I always hear  on TV stations from newcasters, news anchors, and a lot of people using the “to with the ing form ” with the verb.  For  instance, they would say “They met together to sharing their expertise.”  Is it also correct to say “They met together to share their expertise.”  Which is correct?

Before I close, could you please give me a critique on my writing above.  Are my sentences grammatically correct and/ or  are the paragraphs well-written. Do they  need  improvements, corrections, and revisions?  You know, I am  a software engineer and English is not my forte, but I love to write.  

Thank you so much for your reply.  I would be very happy to hear from you again because this is my test if I am learning from your books.    Opps! Another confusion…  Which is correct? ...  “I would be very happy to hear from you again”  or  “I would be very happy to hearing from you again.”   Though in my opinion, the sentence “I would be very happy to hear from you again”  sounds  better to the ears than the latter.


Nina Ortiz

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