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« on: December 06, 2016, 08:22:27 AM »

What is so frightening about power?

When megalomaniacs use it, it is like they are perpetually drowning themselves into the very core of hell.
No, that hell has no fire. No deafening anguish echoes. Nothing is there. Complete emptiness. It exists but does not live. That is hell.

That same power that they enjoy will infest every DNA that runs in their blood. What these greedy people get, they will repay quadruply.

That power brings ecstasy, but no fabric of their being can escape its wrath, and that worldly joy that they felt will be replaced instantaneously with indescribable torments.
That power is not a venom. Neither it is a hemlock.
It is death in itself if used avariciously.

Not even the most accurate words can even describe how horrendous every nucleus of power has if it falls into the hands of wrong people.

Power is death if the heir is a megalomaniac.

What is so gruesome about power? Everything.
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