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Author Topic: Aspiring for better English than that of today’s teachers  (Read 1305 times)
Joe Carillo
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« on: June 04, 2015, 04:41:03 PM »

Letter sent to my Personal Messages box by Justine Aragones, Forum member (June 3, 2014):

Good day, Sir Carillo!

Kindly keep posting my future questions about the English language in the Students’ Sounding Board since I am just an incoming third year Education student.

I love being a student. I am a forever a student of the English language. Admittedly, I am not as intelligent as other members of this Forum in terms of using the language, but you can see that I have changed since I joined this Forum in 2010. Do you agree? I pray that I could soon compose an essay not just for our classroom activities but also for this website.

I have observed that that the grammar of a lot of teachers is even worse than that of their students. I do not want to be like them. I need decent English for my future profession. Thinking of sharing it with others is just a bonus.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
Justine L. Aragones

My reply to Justine Aragones:

Dear Justine,

Yes, as you requested, I’ll see to it that the questions you send to the Forum are always posted here in the Students’ Sounding Board and not anywhere else.

I’m delighted to hear that you consider yourself a student of English forever, and that you’ve been conscientiously marking the improvements in your mastery of it. I do see from the notes you’ve been sending me that your English has noticeably improved since you joined the Forum five years ago, so I certainly look forward to seeing that planned maiden essay of yours in the Forum not very long from now.

It is sad indeed that many teachers are not as good in their English as they need to be, but there’s good reason to hope for the best when Education majors like you purposefully aspire to make your English much better than theirs. Keep up the good work to achieve that big difference!

Sincerely yours,
Joe Carillo

Justine Aragones
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« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2015, 10:50:16 PM »

I can even make a progress portfolio to assess my improvement in the use of English Language similar to what I do in my education class.

There is really no-nonsense way to learn English as today's global language.

Thank you Sir!
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