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Author Topic: “Dead Stars” by Paz Marquez Benitez  (Read 42434 times)
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« on: May 08, 2009, 08:48:02 PM »

This week we are providing a link to the short-story “Dead Stars” by Paz Marquez Benitez (1894-1983), which came out in the Philippines Herald in 1925. This work, the first of only two short stories published by Benitez, is considered the first modern Philippine short story. It is a story of the frustrations, confusions, and heartbreak that arise from unrequited love.

Click this link to read “Dead Stars” by Paz Marquez Benitez.

Benitez belonged to the first generation of Filipinos trained in the American education system, which introduced English as the medium of instruction in the Philippines. She was among the first freshman class of the University of the Philippines, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1912. She then embarked on a lifelong writing career, during which she founded the Woman’s Home Journal, the first women’s magazine in the Philippines.

“Dead Stars” appears in The Best Philippine Short Stories anthology presented by the RP Literature Group (H.O. Santos, editor) at its website, which features 34 other short stories and 14 poems by Filipino authors.

Click this link to read the selections in “The Best Philippine Short Stories.”

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It's such a short story that by the time I have written answers to all your questions it will be longer than the story itself. Read it an it's entirety online here.

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